YouTuber eats every sweet item in the Lidl bakery in just 20 minutes

A 12-stone man has eaten nearly every item in Lidl's bakery section in just one sitting.

Kyle Gibson, from Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, consumed a mountain of doughnuts, croissants, and bread buns in just 20 minutes, Chronicle Live reports.

The 22-year-old admitted that it can be tough not to throw up but reckons his body has become "acclimatised" to the excessive calorie intake and the spike in sugar levels.

He said: "Sugar challenges are great to start with, but they go downhill fast.

"The challenge eventually becomes about not being sick."

In the last month alone, Kyle has taken part in challenges ranging from tackling the world's biggest festive sausage roll to scoffing ten artery-clogging Philly cheesesteak sarnies.

He's also previously raised cash for charity by making quick work of the full Five Guys menu.

Some of the challenges make the 6,000 calorie Lidl bakery stunt look almost easy, especially as Kyle half-jokes that there "wasn't even that much food" when he took on the budget supermarket's sweet section.

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He admits there were a couple of items missing, simply because they weren't in stock when he went shop. But considering his past accomplishments, there is little doubt that he'd have polished the rest off.

And that insatiable appetite has turned him into a bit of a YouTube star, with his channel, Kyle v Food, racking up close to 34,000 subscribers.

That means more pressure for content – and to avoid becoming super-sized himself.

"I usually do about two challenges per week, but at the moment with Christmas, I'm doing about four," said Kyle.

He said he can get tired from the huge meals but does five hours of cardio a day to compensate.

Once Covid-19 restrictions are eased, he's hoping to visit restaurants to take part in various challenges.

He's also planning on possibly his biggest challenge to date – the entire McDonald's menu.

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