Arsenal Fan TV star Troopz is slammed by fans for 'toxic' behaviour

Arsenal Fan TV star Troopz is slammed by fans for ‘toxic’ behaviour, calling his wife ‘this f***ing woman’ in an angry rant when she walked in during his live stream of their defeat by Man City

  • Arsenal were thrashed 4-1 by Man City in the Premier League on Wednesday
  • Arsenal Fan TV personality Troopz was hosting a live stream of the game online 
  • He launched into a horrifying rant towards his wife after City went 1-0 ahead 

Supporters have slammed Arsenal Fan TV star Troopz after he launched an angry rant towards his wife during the Gunners’ 4-1 defeat to Man City on Wednesday.

Troopz, whose real name is Aumar Hamilton, made his name during the early days of the channel when he was a vocal critic of Arsene Wenger.

He remains a regular presence in regards to Arsenal matters online, also working for US company Barstool Sports and last night he was running a live stream of the huge title clash.

However, Troopz launched into a horrifying rant towards his wife after Kevin de Bruyne put Pep Guardiola’s side 1-0 up after just seven minutes.

As he reacted to the Belgian firing past Ramsdale, Troopz lost his cool and appeared to shout in the direction of his partner as he said: ‘No man this f***ing woman walks in then they f***ing score. Nah cut bruv, nah I’m being deadly f***ing serious, don’t smile at me.

Arsenal Fan TV star Troopz (left) has been slammed by supporters after calling his wife a ‘f***ing woman’ during an online live stream of the Gunners’ game with Man City last night

In a shocking rant, Troopz (left) shouted horrifying abuse at his wife (right) during the video

‘I’m being deadly serious leave the room. Leave the room. Don’t laugh at me, leave the room. Leave! Leave! Leave babe! Leave you’re not watching it. How can you walk in here and they f***ing score?

‘What do you mean you’re going to watch it? Nah leave, leave! You’re cursing my team.’

Barstool Sports had shockingly originally shared the clip with the caption: ‘TROOPZ HAS LOST IT WITH THE MISSUS,’ accompanied by several laughing emojis, before later deleting the tweet.

Fans slammed both Troopz and Barstool as one said: ‘After more than 2.4m views of Troopz shouting at his wife cuz his team were losing a game, Barstool has deleted the tweet where they found that incident hilarious.’

Another added: ‘That Troopz guy is vile. How dare he speak to his Wife so rudely on that video just because Man City scored? As for anyone on here who may find his awful behaviour funny, have a word with yourself.’

Barstool Sports – who Troopz works for – originally shared the video, poking fun at his reaction

However, they later deleted the tweet after receiving a furious reaction from supporters

Other supporters were also quick to slam Troopz for his ‘vile’ behaviour towards his wife

A further supporter fumed: ‘I understand it’s frustrating seeing your team losing but talking to your wife/partner like that is disgusting! Shame on troopz for this!’ 

Meanwhile, David Challen, who is a campaigner on domestic abuse, added: ‘Football doesn’t cause domestic abuse but it can trigger existing abuse. The abusive behaviour displayed by Troopz towards his wife highlights how football can create a period of more intense control and fear, exacerbating an existing problem.’

He continued: ‘This behaviour is not normal, acceptable nor should be seen as entertainment to be live streamed to countless young men and boys who watch his content. There is no place in society for this behaviour. It is abusive and controlling. 

‘Troopz’s young son was also in the room and verbally attacked for his team conceding another goal. So, not only did his son witness his mother be verbally abused, he was himself too. Children are victims of domestic abuse in their own right. This is awful.’ 

David Challen, a domestic abuse campaigner, also heavily criticised the behaviour and highlighted the impact that football can have on triggering existing abuse in relationships

He launched into the angry tirade after Kevin de Bruyne put Man City 1-0 up against Arsenal

The issue of domestic abuse when watching football has been rising over recent times.

Back in December, researchers at Warwick Business School discovered that domestic abuse rises by 47 per cent per cent on the day when England men’s football team win a World Cup or European Championship game. 

Their study found levels of domestic abuse were also higher than average on the day after a tournament win, with a significant number of cases caused by alcohol. 

Organisations highlight how alcohol or major tournaments don’t create or excuse domestic abuse, but they often exacerbate pre-existing patterns and provide perpetrators with an opportunity to revert to mistreatment. 

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