Conor McGregor's UFC trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier in doubt as American refuses to rule out clash against Nate Diaz

CONOR MCGREGOR’S hopes of an instant rematch and trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier have suffered a blow.

The Irishman, 32, is already back in training and showing no signs of slowing down despite his shock TKO loss to Diamond at UFC 257.

Notorious’ relentless work-outs come after reports of a THIRD fight against Poirier.

The pair have both dealt each other KOs in their previous bouts, putting their meetings at 1-1.

And it seems a trilogy fight is on the cards to settle things once and for all.

However, Poirier has teased things could yet go in a different direction.

Reporter Ariel Helwani said via ESPN: “So now it looks, three weeks later, like we’re going back in the direction of DP vs Conor III.

“That seems to be the direction. Whether the belt is on the line or not, that seems to be up in the air.”

However Diaz, 35, recently declared his intention to return to the cage.

And he outlined his desire to go one-on-one against Poirier.

He said: “Now is the time for sure.


“We should have fought a long time ago and now the stars are aligned.

“He just won the fight [with Conor] and that’s the fight.

“I’m ready for a fight, and people are ready for the big fight. Now is the time.”

And it is a bout the in-demand Poirier has teased could be next.

A fan asked him on Twitter whether he wanted to take on Diaz at the 170lb weight class, and he replied: “We’ll see what happens.”

Despite his loss, McGregor is making the most of his time in Abu Dhabi.

Earlier this month he enjoyed a spot of snorkelling and fishing while giving his leg time to heal from Poirier’s kicks.

McGregor also made sure his protein intake was on point as he ate a $1,000 GOLD steak fed to him by famous celebrity chef Salt Bae.

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