Friday Fortnite live bracket: Ninja, LeBron James Jr. headline Week 3 tournament

Keemstar and UMG are bringing back Friday Fortnite for Week 3 after taking a break partly due to the Fortnite Pro-Am.

Friday Fortnite actually started a year ago, but ended for a number of reasons. It’s been brought back in 2019 with two events. MrSavage and benjyfishy won Week 1 while FaZe Tilt & FaZe Jarvis won Week 2. There’s a $20,000 overall prize pool with the winners taking half ($10,000) and a random viewer winning the other half.

Ninja is back competing in the event again with his teammate being TimTheTatman. His first scheduled game is against LeBron James Jr. and FaZe Sway.

What time does Friday Fortnite start?

Live Friday Fortnite Week 3 bracket

Here’s how the above bracket works.

Pairs of competitors will join a squad match. For Week 3, let’s use Ninja and TimTheTatman as an example. They will join a party with LeBron James Jr. and FaZe Sway. They will then enter a squads match, but will not be playing as a true squad. The two teams will be battling for a higher amount of eliminations.

The duo with the higher amount of elims after two matches advances. The higher seeded team hosts the first match, and then the lower-seeded team hosts the second match on their server. Duos are not allowed to sabotage the other Duos.

Examples of sabotage:

Watch the Friday Fortnite Week 3 live stream

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