How Prince William Protected 'Security Nightmare' Kate Middleton When They Started Dating

Kate Middleton was reportedly a security risk in the years leading up to her marriage to Prince William. Inside sources claim that William was forced to protect Middleton when they were dating because she was constantly a target for the media and terrorists, who wanted to use her as a way to hurt the royal family.

Kate Middleton’s parents stressed over her relationship with William

Middleton and William first met while attending university at St. Andrews in the early 2000s. They started as close friends and things quickly turned romantic once they moved into a shared home. During their years in college, William and Middleton kept their romance out of the public eye, mainly because the media respected their privacy at the prestigious university. That all changed, however, once they graduated St. Andrews in 2005.

Shortly after their graduation, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship started making headlines. During their dating years, Middleton’s parents reportedly grew worried about their daughter because she was constantly hounded by the paparazzi. With an engagement expected at any moment, a media frenzy in 2007 sparked reports that Middleton should consider hiring her own security to help deal with the added attention.

The royal family pushes for a wedding

William, of course, did not propose to Middleton in 2007 and the two experienced a short breakup. When they got back together, members of the royal family allegedly told William that he needed to decide if Middleton was the one. According to Express, both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip urged the future King of England to either get engaged or let Middleton go her own way.

“Prince Philip has told William that he cannot keepstringing along Kate forever,” a source dished. “But if Kate is the one, then afive-year courtship is long enough.”

Security professionals also thought that William should spring for personal bodyguards for Kate Middleton, who was clearly stressed out by the whole situation. But because she was not a member of the royal family, William could not send any protection her way. This is one reason why Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip thought William should either propose or move on. Letting her go would have broken her heart, but at least she would not have to worry about being harassed by the media.

Kate Middleton was viewed as a security risk

Another reason why the royal family urged William to marryMiddleton was because she posed a serious security risk. Royal experts knewthat if the media was paying attention to Middleton’s every move, so wereterrorists.

Even worse, Middleton did not have any bodyguards and was aneasy target for anyone who had nefarious intentions. That would all change onceWilliam and Middleton got engaged, but until then, she was left on her own.

Despite the risks, William did not propose to Middletonuntil 2010. William popped the big question when the two were on vacation inKenya. The Duke of Cambridge later revealed that he waited for the perfect timeto get on bended knee and that Africa was the perfect setting for theengagement. William and Middleton officially tied the knot a year later insideWestminster Abbey and now share three beautiful children together.

How did Prince William protect Kate Middleton?

William and Middleton dated for over five years before theirengagement, which meant she was open to serious threats for an extended period.Although William could not offer any physical protection to his future bride,he did do something to help keep her secure.

Sources claim that William created a special hotline forMiddleton when they were dating. Middleton could use the hotline to contactWilliam whenever she needed help. He also reportedly setup a panic button inher flat, which was a direct line to the local police.

Sources say that William was aware of the threateningsituation and was super anxious about what might happen. William, of course,had firsthand knowledge of the dangers of the media. His mother, PrincessDiana, was constantly harassed by the paparazzi, and he reportedly did not wantMiddleton to suffer the same fate. Fortunately, nothing ever major happened toMiddleton, besides being hounded by reporters, and everything worked out in theend.

The royal family has not commented on the reportssurrounding Kate Middleton and Prince William’s early relationship.

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