Tyson Fury continues training for Deontay Wilder fight with run along Bournemouth beach before attending funeral – The Sun

TYSON FURY was spotted jogging down Bournemouth beach as he continues to train for his trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder. 

The WBC heavyweight world champ was seen running with a pal before joining a mass of mourners at the funeral of a well-known Gypsy.

Tyson was wearing a black vest with "Gypsy King" on the back in gold as he broke a sweat on the scorching day.

Passers by had to double take as the 6ft 9in heavyweight star casually jogged past while chin-wagging with a mate.

He is keeping sharp ahead of his third clash with Wilder after battering the American into his first ever loss in February.

And of course the sensational news broke last month that the Gypsy King had agreed a two fight deal against fellow Brit Anthony Joshua in 2021.

The Englishman then travelled 300 miles from his home in Morecambe to Dorset to pay his respects to the late Michael White, who died aged 80.

Mr White's sons, Michael, 58, and Tony, 56, are close friends with Tyson's dad John and they saw the future boxing champion grow up.

Michael White jnr said: "When we moved to Chesterfield we were only about 13 years old and all joined a boxing club.

"We met John Fury and we have been very close since.

"We watched Tyson grow up and when he was 12 I remember his father say to people that he was going to be a future world champion.

"He is now a superstar, but he wanted to pay his respects.

"The compassion of Tyson to travel from Morecombe to visit people he has grown up with was amazing.

"He was showing not only respect to us as a family, but also respect to his own father by coming with him."

The traditional funeral included 14 horses that led the procession which hundreds of people lined the streets of Christchurch to view.

Fury recently purchased a 1993 MINI Cooper and show it off as he squeezed in for quick spin around Morecambe.

The 31-year-old has owned super-expensive Rolls Royces, Ferraris and Range Rovers down the years but swapped them all out for the "iconic British vehicle".

Fury, is still waiting to find out what his next fight will be as boxing bounces back after the coronavirus pandemic.

The heavyweight champ was training up to FOUR times a day during lockdown to stay sharp ahead of boxing's return and even did 700 sit ups in an Instagram workout. 

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