Adam Woodyatt given food warning by former I’m A Celebrity star ‘Can’t eat it!’

I'm a Celeb: Shane Richie talks about when he tried to make a tea

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Soap legends Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson are the new kids in camp as they both made their I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! debut on Thursday night. While the main camp gained two new additions, ITV audiences were shocked to find out the Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley had quit after breaking his “strict Covid safety bubble” as he was rushed to hospital. TV personality Shane Richie took part in last year’s competition and joined Lorraine Kelly on her daytime show where he disclosed a warning he gave to his former co-star days before he entered the castle which, if broken, could make the star ill.

Shane told the Scottish television presenter: “So I watched him [Adam] last night enter the castle,”.

The actor recalled the conversation prompting him to say: “And a few weeks ago, we were chatting, just before he went into isolation.”

He continued: “He said, ‘Shane, I’m going in the castle.’

“I said, ‘I know you are.’ He said, ‘What’s the shrubbery like?’” prompting Lorraine to look perplexed at the former contest

Shane continued: “I said, ‘What you talking about?’”

The British actor and comedian prompted his former colleague: “What have you got in mind?”

The Ian Beale actor told Shane: “’Well, I’m thinking if I gather up as many nettles as possible so I can make a cup of tea.’”

Well known for his role as Alfie Moon, the actor then admitted to presenter Lorraine he had also had similar ideas when he was in camp. 

He confessed: “Now, what I had to tell him when I went into the castle last year, I did exactly the same.

“I had this notion in my head because it was my first time in the castle,” he explained.

“I remember getting in there and wandering around on my own.”

The father of five said: “Just pulling up little plants and smelling them and then looking for nettles.”

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The actor hoped that the dried leaves could be made into tea and attempted to do so in the castle.

He explained: “I’ve got these arms full of nettles and I’m about to walk back into the castle where Giovanna has got a kettle boiling,”

Unfortunately for Shane, shortly after collecting the nettles, he got called into the Bush Telegraph where celebrities are spoken to by the show’s producers.

“I got called to The Telegraph, they went, ‘Mr Richie, can you sit down?’” he said.

The producers asked Shane what he was planning to do with the plants.

Shane trying to keep his plan a secret said: “Nothing, why?’” But also pointed out, at the time he was holding “all these nettles”.

Eventually, the TV personality confessed to ITV producers: “Well, I’m hoping to make a cup of tea out of nettles.”

The star was later warned in the Telegraph Bush about the dangers of collecting plants from around the castle as he was immediately told to: “‘Put them back, they’ve all been sprayed with insecticide.’”

So Adam’s plans were quickly put to rest after some wise words of warning from the former Alfie Moon star.

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV.

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