AJ Pritchard shares Celebrity SAS secrets from unaired challenges to safe zone

AJ Pritchard has revealed the stars of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins have to go through multiple challenges that will never be shown on TV.

The 27 year old too part in the gruelling course with instructors Jason Fox, a former SBS operator, Mark 'Billy' Billingham, an ex-SAS Sergeant Major, and veteran Navy SEAL Senior Chief Remi Adeleke – who announced his departure from the show 16 October.

With the finale set to air tonight, AJ has now spoken exclusively to OK! magazine on all the hidden behind-the-scenes secrets viewers don't know about when it comes to the programme.

AJ explained that while it's a brutal series with many difficult moments, it's still a TV show, which means the producers have to cut scenes and edit it to have a good storyline and keep the audience on their toes.

"There are so many challenges that we did on SAS that haven't been shown on TV," AJ shared. "It's a really weird one where you're like, 'Well did this thing where I climbed up this airport tower, we ran up all the steps with our 20kg bags on and then we abseiled down,' and it's just like – it's never gonna be shown on TV. It's really sad."

The former Strictly Come Dancing star, who recently defended Shirley Ballas after fans called for her to be axed from the show, went on to speak about the most difficult part of the show, that left many of the celebrities worn down.

"The one part that you can't prepare yourself for is every single night we had to do night watch," he said. During this time, a celebrity stands on the watch tower and writes down everything they notice.

He said: "You'd write down in a notepad, 'I hear a dog howling in the northwest corner at 2:30am'. But the thing is, you have to put your wet clothes on to do that.

"So to be freezing cold all night, stood in a watchtower, writing down random noises and lights… That was very hard mentally and – you don't see on TV when we're doing it – but for a lot of people that was the hardest part of the show."

One positive side to being on the show, besides building resilience and confidence, is that the contestants were all able to get some sleep while driving from one destination to another for a challenge.

AJ shared: "If we're driving to the ocean, the Gulf of Aqaba, we knew that that drive was about 40-45 minutes. In that time, we knew that if we were sat in my car, we could quickly try and get sleep.

"Because we knew or we hoped we were not going to get attacked or abducted whilst we were in the cars.

"That was kind of our, your safe zone," he added.

The series finale airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.


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