Blue Bloods season 12: Frank and Jamie set for explosive family rivalry after Mayor clue?

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CBS’ intergenerational procedural drama follows the personal lives and careers of the Reagan family as each member worked within the police and law. As a close-knit family, fans believe there could be tensions between Frank Reagan (played by Tommy Selleck and Jamie Reagen (Will Estes) in the upcoming episodes

The most recent episode of Blue Bloods titled ‘Grief’ saw Jamie do what no one in his family had done before.

He made the decision to turn his back on the family tradition and give up on all prospects of working in Law to become a cop.

Unfortunately, It will be a while before fans get to see the reaction from his loved ones, as the series has undergone a mid-season break and will return during the first week of April.

However, after taking a look at the upcoming synopsis, fans are convinced Frank and Jamie could be in for an intense rivalry.

In the next episode of Blue Bloods titled ‘Hidden Motives,’ Frank will be completely blindsided when Mayor Chase will go straight to Jamie with an opportunity.

He will request for Jamie to become the head of his security detail, without informing Frank beforehand.

A few images released by the network reveal the two will have an in-depth conversation.

In fact, they will have more than one talk as they were pictured at Jamie and Officer Eddie Janko’s (Vanessa Ray) house and Frank’s home.

Frank’s family are his source of pride as everyone in his family have followed in his footsteps as the New York Police Commissioner and entered law enforcement.

His eldest son Danny Reagan (Donny Wahlberg) was a highly respected detective, who was also an Iraq veteran and had settled down to become a family man.

His middle daughter was Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), an assistant to the New York District Attorney and would often serve as a legal compass for her family.

While Jamie, who was the youngest, was considered the “golden boy” of the family who had just decided to follow tradition.

In the past, Frank and Mayor Chase had not seen eye to eye and instead had an intense feud.

It all began in the season 12 premiere episode when Frank had his personal detail arrest a squeegee man (Adam Shiri) who was harassing a woman in traffic.

The video of the arrest went viral when Frank got out of his car to watch it take place.

This made Mayor Chase fume, as he believed Frank used his position as New York Police Commissioner to be seen in the video, knowing it would go viral.

The mayor found this insulting as he believed Frank used the moment to go viral and make the locals believe the police were really needed in the area.

Which in turn would undermine all the efforts he put in place to make the city look like a safe place to live and visit.

When Mayor Chase approached Frank for an apology, he refused as he didn’t believe he did anything wrong.

As the two already didn’t get on, viewers will have to tune in to see how Frank will react to the offer Chase proposed to Jamie.

Blue Bloods will return to CBS on Friday, April 1.

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