Coronation Street fans can’t believe how different Michelle Keegan looks as Tina McIntyre in 60th anniversary special

CORONATION Street fans can't believe how different Michelle Keegan looks as Tina McIntyre in the 60th anniversary special.

The actress, 33, appeared on Coronation Street: 60 Unforgettable years alongside stars from the past and present.

However, fans couldn't believe Michelle – who played barmaid Tina from 2007 to 2013 – looked so much different now compared to when she started on the show.

Particularly because Corrie propelled her into national stardom – and we're used to seeing so much more glamorous than Tina.

One person wrote: "Also I have to say Michelle Keegan looked so beautiful on #Corrie60 this evening, I was as mesmerised as I was when I first saw her on my screen on my 11th birthday #FirstCrush (or one of the first…but first when I started to know the way of the world shall we say lol)"

Another simply added "Michelle looks different #Corrie"

One fan was left shocked by how different she looked compared to her screen character writing: "Why does Michelle Keegan look nowt like Michelle Keegan on this #Corrie thing?"

Michelle opened up about getting the role as viewers got to see her audition tape.

The star said during the retrospective: "I didn't tell my parents that I was going for the role. I didn't tell them I was going for the final audition because I thought, 'I don't want to tell that I didn't get the job.'"

She added: "I picked my dad up from work and I put the scripts in the back seat and he got in the car and I said, 'Dad, will you just pass me my scripts.'

"And I remember him looking down, looking at me and then he started crying.

"It was one of those moments that will stay with me forever."

Tina McIntyre was killed by the villainous Rob Donovan after she threatened to expose his dodgy dealings to the police.

Rob pushed her off the balcony of the Builder's Yard and beaten unconscious, before dying in hospital.

Michelle previously said she was grateful about being killed off – because it took away her safety net and made her pursue other acting roles.

"I could have stayed at Corrie my whole life. It’s like a family there," she admitted to The Daily Star. “But I thought if I didn’t leave when I did, I never would have left because it was so comfortable.

She added: "If the door had been left open at Corrie … I would have thought, ‘It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out, I can always go back after a year’."

Michelle was spotted on the set of Corrie in October while the cat and crew filmed the Christmas episodes.

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