Coronation Street Kelly exit sealed – Gary murder plot to Aadis death

Coronation Street star Millie Gibson will bow out as Kelly Neelan this week.

Since joining the soap three years ago, the character has been at the center of some of the ITV soap's biggest storylines – including her wrongful imprisonment, the death of both her parents and a kidnap plot.

As her life hangs in the balance tonight following a shock revelation about her dad Rick Neelan's death, will Kelly also meet a tragic end?

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Fans have taken to social media to speculate what will happen to Kelly in her final scenes, and here, Daily Star takes a closer look at some of the theories.

Gary and Aadi murdered

Kelly wants to take revenge on Gary, after she recently discovered that he murdered her father Rick Neelan.

Rick was a villainous loan shark who terrorised residents in Weatherfield, before Gary murdered him.

Fans think that Kelly could play a part in murdering Gary in her final scenes after out, after soap spoilers revealed that she asks her dad's old associate Keiron to carry out the crime.

One fan said: "It turns out Laura warned her about Gary and Maria before she died or she found out and she's been Maria's tormentor since and outs them before she goes."

However, other fans think that Kelly could kill Gary in revenge for possibly murdering fiance Aadi – or vice versa.

"She kills him and herself, or Gary kills Aadi and then Kelly or Aadi kills Gary."

However Kelly might exit the soap, fans are certain that one of the Weatherfield residents will die in her climatic final scenes.

"It seems like there's only one way this story can end though. Or maybe it's the only way it can end…" added a third viewer.

Gary kills Kelly

Soap spoilers have revealed that Kelly finds herself teetering on the edge of a roof in upcoming episodes, after Kieron tells her that he is going to kill and frame her for Gary's murder.

While at this point viewers do not know if Gary has been murdered or not, it seems that Kelly could also meet a tragic end in the dramatic rooftop scenes.

Fans certainly seem to think so too, with one saying: "All hell is going to break loose and Kelly is going to wind up dead" followed by crying emojis.

"I bet when Kelly gets married on @itvcorrie she gets killed off because she's leaving," added a second.

However if Gary does escape their murderous plot, will he take revenge on Kelly and kill her himself?

Speaking to Daily Star, actor Mikey North teased in a recent press conference that Gary could kill again – so could Kelly be his next victim?

He said: "I think in that circumstance, as he said himself to Kelly's mum, he'd do it again in the same circumstances.

"He felt that he did not have much of a choice. I think given the same circumstances, he would."

Wedding heartbreak

Kelly and Aadi are currently planning their big wedding day, but fans do not think that it is going to go to plan.

Many viewers have compared their romance to Shakespeares' doomed lovers Romeo and Juliet, with some thinking that the couple may not even reach the alter on their big day.

Will Kelly or Aadi die before they're married? Or will the upcoming murder plot involving Gary put a halt to their plans?

Whatever happens, it seems that there may be plenty of wedding heartbreak on the day, with one fan saying: "You can just hear the drumbeats of doom in Aadi and Kelly's scenes. Even if you didn't know she was leaving, it's pretty obvious something really awful is going to happen. I just wonder if they'll actually get married before it all goes down."

Another fan said: "It's all gone a bit Romeo and Juliet in Corrie! Don't drink the poison Kelly!"

"Star crossed lovers right there, we all know it's not going to end well!" added a third.

A fourth commented: "No #Corrie wedding goes to plan, just saying, with Kelly leaving anyway this won't go well."

Kelly and Aadi leave

Although all signs may be pointing towards Kelly's tragic death, many fans are hoping that the character will survive.

Following her upcoming nuptials to Aadi, viewers have begged Coronation Street bosses to not kill Kelly off – and instead let the two characters start a new life away from Weatherfield.

"Don't kill her off," begged one fan, while a second added: "Don't let her die please."

A third commented: "Why kill her off? Let her and Aadi leave for a new life, she has the money now, can go anywhere."

Actress Millie Gibson also shared a spoiler when she told Daily Star in a press conference that she was wearing a particular item in Kelly's final scenes.

"This is a bit of a spoiler but I made sure that in my last scene I was wearing that coat," said Millie.

Following the interview, fans took to Reddit to speculate that the character does not die in the rooftop scenes, and could potentially leave to start a new life.

One fan said: "We know from screenshots that while on the roof Kelly is wearing a red dress (that she used for the engagement party).

"Now unless they filmed her exit storyline completely out of order (and ‘final scene’ could mean final scene that she filmed which she may have done after the roof stunt but will be in episodes before it) it looks like she's not dying on the roof stunt."

A second agreed, saying: "I read that too and thought that, they may want to bring her back in the future. However would she give up her life and fiancé to just run off?"

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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