Daisy fights back against sick Justin in Corrie trial trauma

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) heads to court in Coronation Street as the trial surrounding Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) begins.

Prior to the acid attack, viewers will remember that Justin stalked Daisy for months.

They initially met in the hospital, when Daisy was awaiting the results of her breast cancer scan.

A few weeks later, after Daisy had been receiving countless messages and bouquets of flowers, she was gobsmacked when Justin entered the pub and confirmed he was behind it all.

As Justin’s stalking got worse, Daisy’s life became a nightmare. She couldn’t walk down the cobbles without fearing Justin would turn up to see her and, after she had him arrested, he got revenge by trying to attack her with acid, which resulted in Ryan (Ryan Prescott) becoming the victim after he jumped in front of them both.

Stressed at the thought of facing Justin in court, Daisy crumbles initially, telling Daniel (Rob Mallard) that she can’t do it.

As Daniel takes to the witness box and tells the court how Justin relentlessly stalked Daisy, she’s about to do a runner, completely petrified to stand.

Spotted by Carla (Alison King), she urges Daisy to stand up and prove to Justin that he can’t control her.

As the defence barrister gives Daniel a grilling and paints Daisy as highly strung and unreliable, she enters the witness box.

But will Daisy have the strength to face Justin and relive the attack?

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