'Dallas': Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy Drank a Ton On Set

The television series Dallas is a hit TV show from the ’70s. Viewers knew the show well for its various cliffhangers, and Larry Hagman starred in the series. The actor drank plenty of champagne on the set of I Dream of Jeannie, and it became his choice of drink while filming Dallas. Of course, he was not the only one to have champagne while shooting the episodes. His co-star, Patrick Duffy, often shared drinks with him.

‘Dallas’ is show about a rivalry between families

Dallas is an American show that first aired on CBS in 1978. It has a large cast, which includes actors like Hagman, Duffy, and Jim Davis. The series ran until 1991 and had 14 seasons. Audiences loved the show, and it got a reboot in 2012. However, it did not receive as much praise as the original series. 

The plot takes place in Dallas, Texas, and it revolves around the Ewing family. They own an independent oil company and land for cattle ranching. The Ewings have a long-standing feud with another family, the Barnes.  

While the families hate each other, two people feel otherwise. A daughter of the Barnes falls in love with the youngest son of the Ewings. The two of them elope, which does not please either of the families. The story is similar to that of Romeo and Juliet

There were several other storylines that drew in viewers. One of the most notable ones was “Who shot J.R.?”

The careers of Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy

Hagman began acting in the 1950s and took on small acting roles in theater. In the ’60s, he starred in the hit comedy series I Dream of Jeannie. The actor played one of the main characters named Major Tony Nelson. Later, he would play J.R. Ewing in Dallas. Hagman had a reputation for not wanting to share the spotlight. During his time on I Dream of Jeannie, he reportedly would act out when the show brought on big-name guest stars.

Duffy got his big break in the 1970s when he landed a role in the sci-fi series Man from Atlantis. Later, he would go on to star in Dallas as the young Bobby Ewing. In the ’90s, he joined the cast of the sitcom Step by Step. The actor has built a successful career, especially on television. His first time as a TV host was for the show Bingo America.

Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman drank together

One thing that Duffy and Hagman had in common was that they both drank on the set of Dallas. According to Mental Floss, Duffy talked about how they would drink a bottle of champagne together. However, Hagman would continue drinking more bottles throughout the rest of the day. 

“At lunch, we would go off and find a restaurant, have a couple of drinks with our meal. Late afternoon before we wrapped, it was time for a little toddy. Then, after we wrapped, we would sit in the dressing room and have another little drink before we went home to have drinks before dinner,” Duffy stated. 

Hagman also recounted his experience with drinking onset. He mentioned in an interview that he would drink five bottles of champagne a day while filming. The actor took small gulps during the 12 hours of shooting. Despite all the alcohol the two drank, it did not impact the show much. The series still became a hit. Duffy knew when to stop to avoid developing a drinking problem. Hagman stated that he never got drunk. 

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