EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell dumps Sharon Watts for good – but ruins romance with Kat Slater

PHIL Mitchell dumps Sharon Watts for good next week in EastEnders – but ruins his romance with Kat Slater. 

Phil and Sharon bonded over their plan to kill Ian Beale in recent weeks after discovering he was responsible for the death of their son Dennis.

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But Phil will put his foot in it next week when he becomes embroiled in a dodgy scheme with Kat.

Viewers will see Phil promise Kat that there’s nothing between him and Sharon when he gets a text from her, but Kat assures him that she’s not bothered either way. 

At the call centre, Mo notices Kheerat trying to steal a new customer called Stas from the Mitchells.

Mo tells Kat about Kheerat’s dodgy dealing and Kat puts two and two together, texting Phil the information. 

As Phil meets Stas he looks at Kat’s text and uses the information to his advantage. 

Later in the pub, Kheerat is gutted when Stas turns him down.

Phil thanks Kat for the tip off but she’s left wondering what’s going on between him and Sharon.

Later in the week, Phil texts Sharon and suggests meeting up and, egged on by Jean, she grows convinced they have a future together. 

Sharon is shocked, however, when Phil tells her they’re over. 

Meanwhile, an oblivious Jean tells Kat about Sharon and Phil’s date. 

Later, Kat overhears Ben making a nasty comment about her and is upset when Phil, who doesn’t want to blow his cover, agrees.

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