Emmerdale and EastEnders death horrors, Corrie discovery and 17 more spoilers

An exciting week looms for the big soaps as a fire and explosion rocks Emmerdale village at the same time as Robert Sugden’s (Ryan Hawley) dramatic exit storyline starts to unfold. Over in EastEnders, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) could die as he has pushed someone too far, leading to a dramatic and violent attack which leaves him fighting for his life.

Coronation Street airs more twists in Robert Preston’s (Tristan Gemmill) messed up double life – especially when Carla Connor (Alison King) gets suspicious. And over in Hollyoaks, things are as madcap as ever with a dramatic wedding and a double kidnap.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:


Keanu interferes when he learns that Phil is still doing dodgy dealings so Phil makes a serious threat. When Kat then mocks him over the stolen money, he turns the tables and issues a sinister warning. Later, Phil gets into a struggle with someone but ends up left for dead and fighting got his life.

As Ruby is strained to discover that Stacey is deeply unhappy with her relationship with Max, she tries to make amends with her friend but things only get worse. Martin is convinced that Stacey still has feelings for Max and confronts her, with their marriage hanging by a thread.

Stuart is worried about Rainie and her reliance on painkillers but later asks her out on a date. As they go out for dinner, her behaviour worries him further so he changes their plans and takes her to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting instead.

Coronation Street

Seb discovers that Alina is trapped in a slavery ring and Rachel tells Jan that she wants him silenced. As Seb tells Jan about the trafficking, he persuades him against going to the police and assures him that he has stopped working for Rachel. But Alina is in more danger than ever.

Carla walks in on Robert’s call to Vicky and he is flustered as she questions him how he got a job with young offenders when he has a criminal record. Later, Robert’s phone receives a message and Carla picks it up – so Robert thinks on his feet and shows her the texts her family have been sending to look out for her.

Jenny has ambitious plans to make the Rovers over into a B&B but she tires of Kate hanging around. When Kate then has plans to go travelling with Imogen, Jenny is indignant when Johnny considers funding his daughter’s trip.


Kerry helps Amy to try and pay off her debts by sneaking into the factory with her and swiping the charity money being held in the safe. But as they spot the CCTV cameras, they sabotage them, unaware that the sparks from the electrical equipment have triggered a fire. The flames take hold at the factory and Tracy finds herself trapped in the stock room. As the situation gets worse, an explosion tears through the factory and not everyone will make it out alive…

Robert is emotional as he sees his niece or nephew for the first time and Victoria is grateful for his acceptance but soon Lee is back on the scene and demanding compensation and a public apology from an affronted Victoria. As Lee pushes things too far, Robert prepares to take his revenge.

Bernice plans a Wild West themed charity event but the real purpose is to win back Liam and she offers him the role of Sheriff which he embraces with aplomb. But he is unaware that Bernice is planning an elaborate proposal at the end of proceedings – which soon goes wrong.


Sienna hatches an elaborate plan to kidnap the twins from the au pair but when Maxine catches her, she is also stunned to learn of Maxine’s secret. The pair agree to keep quiet about what each other are up to and Sienna puts her full focus on her risky plan but it could go badly wrong.

A hopeful Maxine is all smiles as her wedding day finally arrives and, as she walks up the aisle, she is met by Damon. However, as they exchange vows and reach the point where the vicar asks if anyone knows of any reason they can’t wed, Maxine fears her secret will be blown.

Cleo is jealous when she realises that Mitchell is still stripping but Marnie and Cindy call her out for her behaviour at an event and Nana warns Cleo she needs to accept it. Mitchell assures Cleo that the stripping is onlyan act – she is the woman for him.


  • Karen and Caren share their first kiss in EastEnders.
  • Kevin forgives Paula in Coronation Street.
  • Sinead gets a letter from Laurie in Hollyoaks.
  • Sharon discovers the father of her baby in EastEnders.
  • Frank is acting suspiciously in Emmerdale.
  • Abi and Kevin go on a date in Coronation Street.
  • Joel has to make a decision about Goldie in Hollyoaks.
  • Tracy plans a sexy surprise for Billy in Emmerdale.

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