Emmerdale fans gobsmacked as they spot familiar Corrie star in ITV soap

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Emmerdale fans were left fairly surprised during the latest episode after they spotted a familiar face who previously appeared in ITV's Coronation Street.

During the latest episode of the Dales, Olivia Dingle's mother Sandra appeared to be in a spot of bother after an old friend turned up demanding money.

Sandra's friend Terry turned matters on their head when he aggressively shouted at Sandra in front of her daughter and her husband Vinny.

But with all the commotion going on, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Terry was previously in Coronation Street playing the role of Todd Grimshaw's ex-boyfriend Mick.

Jumping onto Twitter, fans shared their thoughts with one social media user writing: "Terry's been someone dodgy before here or corrie I think."

Another shared: "The thug from #Corrie has made it across the Pennines to #Emmerdale!"

Meanwhile a third penned: "I recognise Terry from somewhere."

Actor Neil Bell has popped in Coronation Street four times playing different characters.

But fans will probably remember the star for playing Mick Chaney who was a psychotic gangster involved in several criminal enterprises.

Throughout his short stint on the show, Mick also used his manipulating skills on his boyfriend Todd, convincing him to involve himself in his criminal acts.

In Emmerdale, Neil's character Terry is also a bad apple.

However fans were left shocked that Sandra, who appeared to be innocent is also helping him to steal money from newlyweds Liv and Vinny.

Although the couple decided to hand over £4,000 to the criminal, they are currently none the wiser that Sandra is in on the act and is letting Terry know how he can steal more money from them.

Seeing Sandra's criminal ways come to light, fans jumped on Twitter once again to share their displeasure.

One person tweeted: "Ah I knew Sandra couldn't be trusted, up to something always. She's coming off the drink easily, that's if she even is, probably drinking on the sly too. Oh I hope Liv isn't conned, Vinny isn't being fooled easy."

Meanwhile another said: "WoW. Sandra is a real piece of work. Liv better catch on quick before Sandra takes her for everything she's got."

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