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ALL hell is breaking loose this week in Chester after Silas Blissett's explosive return.

The McQueens will have to play for their lives and death is definitely in the cards in Hollyoaks. We've got the lowdown.

1. Mercedes goes missing

Bobby Costello (played by Jayden Fox) has been serial killer Silas' target for several years.

The criminal portrayed by Jeff Rawle has remained an underlying threat to Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) and her family.

With her arch nemesis back in the eponymous village, Mercedes has no other choice but to protect her son from his grasp.

Coming up on Channel 4, the McQueens makes a plan to take the lad to safety – but it all goes south when Mercedes goes missing.

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To make things worse, Yazz Cunningham reveals she's spoken to Silas.

The clan meet with police officer Lexi Calder in the hopes to find Mercedes.

Bobby soon overhears that his mother is missing and demands answers.

But Silas is only getting started.

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Olivia Bradshaw is in Silas' target lineCredit: LIMEPICTURES

2. Olivia has a deadly mission

Prince McQueen is in for a nasty shock as his fiancée, Olivia Bradshaw (Emily Burnett), is sought out by Silas.

The murderer finds her at the school and tries to get her on his side.

Much to his disappointment, she evidently sticks by the McQueens and refuses to help him – but Silas has another trick up his sleeve.

In later scenes, he sets her with a deadly difficult task.

Olivia is blackmailed into bringing him Bobby as Silas makes it clear, Mercedes' life depends on him.

As she tries to go along with the deal, the pressure gets too much for Olivia and she eventually comes clean to Prince.

How will he react?

3. Silas plays deadly games

Time is ticking for the McQueens and with the carnival in full swing, their quest for Mercedes is becoming more urgent than ever.

The family decide to go to the police but a cryptic message from Silas warns them against it – he has another surprise for them.

Later on, Silas appears live from the McQueen household via webcam and they realise he's been listening in this whole time.

Thriving in chaos, the serial killer uses the village carnival to his full advantage, letting the McQueens know they will only be able to stay alive if they play games.

One by one, the McQueens face their worst fears, starting with Theresa (Jorgie Porter) and Goldie (Chelsee Healey).

Both women find themselves trapped in an escape room while John Paul (James Sutton) is forced to face his own demons.

But that still won't be enough for the serial killer.

He soon challenges the McQueens to his favourite game, chess, but there's a twist.

The electrified board proves to be fatal.

An innocent Shaq and Verity sadly get caught up in the chaos as they race each other on the climbing wall.

The pair are stuck when a bomb goes off and they can only keep climbing.

However, one of them is in serious danger when there's another unexpected explosion.

In later scenes, one member of the McQueen family is thrown into a prison cell and have to explain themselves about a death the previous day.

Someone soon decides to leave the village.

Who will survive Silas' games?

Where is Mercedes?

Will Silas ever be stopped once and for all?

4. Warren and Norma butt heads

Meanwhile, another another active criminal will be wreaking more havoc – especially for Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas).

This week, the Hollyoaks tough man will be left to question his entire life when the Undertaker aka Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) drops a bombshell.

It all begins when his son Joel finds a leaflet to his own funeral service in his pockets, which he soon understands as a threat from Norma.

Joel tells Warren he can't take it anymore and his father sets out to deal with it – nobody messes with his family without repercussions.

Warren thus decides to end Norma once and for all, only to realise that she actually set him up to kill his own son.

But the biggest surprise comes along later when Norma makes a huge revelation to Warren.

Viewers previously suspected the criminal has a secret parental link to Warren.

Could they be right?

5. James is in danger

Elsewhere in Hollyoaks, James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) is trying to get his life back on track.

Skittish, he offers to help Donna-Marie at the gym and she offers him a permanent position.

Leela Lomax and Ste Hay are then shocked to see him turn up for a shift at the gym so they put him through his paces.

Later on, James confides in Ste and tells him about his to tell the police everything he knows about Norma, who he managed to cross in recent scenes.

James' even asks for Ste's help but the latter is suspicious of his motivations.

All appears to go well for James and he's delighted when Verity gives him his job on the condition he mans the hook-a-duck stall.

Determined to get Ste back, he plans to meet up with him later to sort their relationship out.

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