Game of Thrones viewers moved to TEARS over reunion scene: ‘I cried!’

Warning: This article contains Game of Thrones spoilers. 

Viewers were left a little disappointed by the series finale of Game of Thrones, taking to Twitter to gripe about the screenwriting. 

Despite these complaints, there seems to have been one plotline in the final episode that warmed everyone’s heart. 

Towards the end of episode six, there was an uplifting moment in which Jon Snow and his wolf, Ghost, were reunited. 

The duo has been side-by-side since season one, when Jon plucked the snow-white pooch from a  pack of wolves. 

Though he was the runt of the litter, Ghost went on to prove himself as a loyal and faithful companion. 

Viewers were horrified, however, to see Jon abandon the creature after the Battle of Winterfell earlier in season eight.

A rejected Ghost was seen watching his owner leave without him, looking forlorn and heartbroken.  

Luckily, all seems to have been forgotten, as the season finale saw the best pals reunite in a heartwarming exchange. 

Having lost part of his ear in the battle, Ghost was looking a little worse for wear. 

When he saw his beloved master, the pup’s entire face lit up as he bounded toward him. 

Jon looked equally chuffed as he reached out to pet the adorable pooch, resulting in a moment that turned on the waterworks for viewers across the world. 

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, as fans took to Twitter to gush over the sweet moment they had witnessed. 

One commented: “On the bright side at least Ghost got the gratitude he deserved.”

While a second added: “At least Jon petted Ghost! I cried!”

And a third chipped in:  “Don’t think I’ve ever cried so much over a CGI animal.”

A fourth admitted: “If Game of Thrones has taught me anything it’s that there is nothing better than having a pet.”

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