Get on the property river in London with this £150k eco-friendly houseboat

With house prices in London as they are, it’s understandable that you may give up hope of ever owning a home in the city.

But with a bit of work and/or ingenuity, you can find yourself a beautiful home that’s more in the budget of a normal person.

The Kathleen Alexander is one such home, and is currently on the market for £149,950 via Rightmove.

The houseboat was recently built and renovated, and comes with two bedrooms and a large kitchen/living room area, as well as a bathroom that looks just like what you’d find in a ‘regular’ house.

The Kathleen Alexander is thought to be the only houseboat that’s coated in Corten Weathering steel, which purposely rusts to create a protective coating that never needs to be repainted.

A lot of the niggle of boating life are also ironed out with a low-maintenance modern compost toilet, solar lights, a water tank that should give you eight weeks of water, and an instant hot water heater.

The catch is only that the boat is on a continuous cruiser license. This is a massive saving on mooring fees at just £1,000 a year, but does mean that you have to move 20-30 miles, doing so at least every two weeks.

It’s ideal for people who want to see more of London via the waterways, but could be a problem for folks who’d rather have a stable base.

Other than that, though, you’ll have all the mod cons you’re used to. The boat comes with a Smeg fridge, gas range, gas central heating, and is all decorated to a high standard.

For eco-conscious cruisers, this is a very environmentally-friendly option.

The current owner Owain Harris said of the structure: ‘We don’t take up any land, we are a much smaller space, and use much less energy to heat up and keep warm.

‘We burn recycled wood pellets from local joineries. We are far more conscious of the resources we use and waste we produce, as everything has transported on and off the boat.’

Save the planet and the pennies, all while living on a floating Instagram-worthy dream? Where do we sign up.

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