Kate Lawler shares unseen snaps with her twin sister to celebrate their 41st birthday

KATE Lawler paid a touching tribute to her twin sister, Karen, as they marked their 41st birthday.

The Big Brother winner shared a series of throwback snaps of the gorgeous sisters to highlight some of their most memorable life moments.

From early photos of them as newborns to playing at the beach in matching bikinis to the sisters in their early twenties and acting as stunning bridesmaids, Kate used the Instagram post to gush over her twin.

"Happy 41st Birthday to my twin sister @karenfayelawler," she wrote.

"Dusted off some right bobby dazzlers here for you to enjoy! From babies to bridesmaids, monobrows to the may queen, holidays to horrendous highlights and everything in between.

"Thanks for being such a kind-hearted and caring sister and now Auntie to Noa."

Kate added: "You make me laugh, you always put family first, you’re my biggest supporter and we’ve shared some wonderful memories over the years. Long may they continue. Love you bubs xx ❤️"

Karen loved the post and returned the love, saying the pair had an amazing life together so far.

She wrote on Kate's post: "Love love these pics thanks bubs! Love u so much we really have had such a fab 41 years?? soo soo many memories! Just feel so lucky ur my twin and noa is my niece ???c u tomoz love u xxxxxx"

Kate's fans loved the trip down memory lane and rushed to wish the pair a happy birthday.

"I love this Kate!!!!!! Happy birthday I hope you are having an amazing day!" wrote one Instagram user.

Another added: "❤️ It's so amazing to have someone so special in your life."

And a third said: "Happy birthday to both of you gorgeous ladies ❤️❤️ It must be sooo amazing being a twin xxx"

Kate's sweet post comes just days after she hit back at a troll who said she “doesn’t deserve” her daughter Noa because she loves her dogs more than her.

The furious 40-year-old called out the vile keyboard warrior, revealing she pitied anyone who felt the need to post such horrible things.

She wrote: “I actually feel sorry for anyone who sets up an account to troll.

“They must be miserable inside.”

The Big Brother star then posted the message she had received beneath a recent picture of her with her dog.

It read:  “Pity you don’t look like this when you are holding Noa, remember your daughter?

“Comes to something when you think more of a mutt than your daughter.

“You and Not Handsome do not deserve her.”

Kate is the proud owner of two dogs – Baxter and Shirley, while she and her fiance Martin welcomed baby daughter Noa in February.

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