Love Island: What don’t you see on love island? Ex Islander reveals all

Love Island is currently airing its fifth series on ITV2, which has viewers hooked on the blossoming romances between the Islanders. But, fans are also keen to know what happens behind the scenes of the reality show and what we don’t see on our screens. Ex-Islanders Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane spoke exclusively to about what you don’t see.

What don’t you see on Love Island?

Love Island: Unseen Bits airs each Saturday night and gives a hint at some of the things viewers don’t see on the main nightly show.

Since series five began airing on ITV2, it’s been widely speculated that we don’t see all of the challenges and interactions between cast members.

Due to the restraints of the hour-long show, the action mainly follows the drama of recouplings and dumpings rather than some of the fun that reportedly goes on.

According to recently dumped Islander Jourdan, there is plenty of this that you don’t see.

She said in an exclusive interview with “There’s a lot of humorous moments.

“I do wish that people got to see more of the banter that went down but I feel like if they showed that then the show might as well be a live stream.”


Danny added: “Love Island could easily be a comedy – unfortunately, it’s a drama reality.”

Another thing viewers don’t see on the show is what happens before the new Islanders make their way into the villa.

Both Danny and Jourdan entered the show after it had begun airing, but they admitted they had no idea when they would be heading in.

Danny explained: “I knew that I was going to be the first boy bombshell, that’s all I knew, I didn’t know when I’d be getting chucked in.

“I was literally waiting and I got a call one day that was literally like ‘tomorrow’s the day’ and that was it.”

Jourdan added: “That’s literally it, you just wait and wait and you get told and then you’re like ‘okay now I have to move’ and then before you know it you’re literally in it.”


Danny and Jourdan were dumped from the Island in a double dumping with Lucie Donlan and George Rains last week.

Adjusting back to reality after coming off the show has been a different process for each of the pair.

Danny admitted he has had to deal with some of the negative reception he received for dumping Yewande Biala in favour of Arabella Chi.

He said: “It’s expected. I can sort of understand it to an extent, people are so passionate about the show.”

He added: “Everything I did in that moment was the right thing for me – I have no doubts whatsoever and I have no regrets at all.

“So when you come out and you see that someone has perceived it a different way, I’ll still sleep at night because I know I did the right thing for me. People have their opinions and they’re welcome to them.”


Danny hasn’t had the chance to catch up with Yewande yet but said he was planning to see her on the reunion show.

The pair were speaking at a special ITV screening at Boxpark Wembley in London where fans can watch the show with ex-Islanders.

Fans can visit the event space to see screenings of the reality show every evening in a room redesigned to look like the villa garden.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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