Love, Victor Season 2 Trailer Teases Romance With Benji, Friction at Home

After coming out as gay to his parents, one of Victor Salazar’s biggest anxieties is behind him — but there’s still plenty of teen angst ahead.

Hulu on Thursday released a full trailer for Love, Victor‘s second season, in which Victor navigates his new relationship with Benji while attempting to present as “the perfect level of gay that will keep everyone happy.” Among the people he’s trying to please are his basketball teammates, Benji’s friends and his own parents, who seem to be struggling with Victor’s big news — especially his mom, Isabel.

Meanwhile, Felix and Lake look completely smitten with each other (though Felix’s mom, played by Breaking Bad‘s Betsy Brandt, is still struggling with depression), and Mia’s hopes of rekindling a romance with Andrew are unexpectedly dashed.

The upcoming Love, Victor episodes are the first to be intentionally produced for Hulu; Season 1 was originally filmed for a Disney+ launch, then moved to Hulu when the show’s mature themes reportedly didn’t suit Disney+’s family-friendly approach.

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“We’d love to tell sexier stories,” co-showrunner Brian Tanen previously teased. “That’s going to be so much more exciting on a network like Hulu, which, since they’ve adopted us, have been so supportive of the show and incredible partners.”

All 10 episodes of Season 2 drop Friday, June 11. Watch the trailer in its entirety above, then drop a comment with your hopes for the new season!

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