MCU Fans Note the 2 Most Disturbing and Unsettling Scenes in the Infinity Saga

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is home to several technologically advanced high-octane action sequences, as well as some laugh-out-loud moments of comedic relief and quippy banter, there also exists a handful of scenes that linger in our minds, surface in our nightmares, and seem clear as day in our daydreams. 

So, which scenes throughout the Infinity Saga did fans find most disturbing? Which scenes were either plain uncomfortable — in terms of the sheer degree of bizarreness — or heartwrenching and bone-chilling? Which scenes remain disturbing in a universe known for its typically light-hearted nature and action-themed narratives?

While there are multiple sad scenes to choose from — like Natasha’s sacrifice or Tony’s sacrifice — these endings lack the gravitas of another emotional scene and the weirdness of a memorable Dr. Strange moment. When it comes to the MCU, two scenes top the list for most disturbing and unsettling, according to fans who addressed the matter in an online forum. Let’s start with the weird Strange scene.

Remember when Doctor Strange’s fingers grew all those tiny hands in a trippy MCU moment? 

One fan took to Reddit to explain how weird it was when Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) began to grow little tiny hands from his fingers. The scene was trippy, to say the least. Marvel fans noted:

Strange’s fingers growing hands and sh*t

I agree. That is some freaky stuff.

That’s some bad acid. Or good acid. I’m not sure.

Fans took to the forum to vote on this matter, and this response received over 100 points, ranking in as one of the most unsettling and disturbing scenes in the MCU, for the fact that it is so uncomfortable — and so out of the ordinary — that it left fans bewildered. Yet, the next scene is disturbing for a different reason — the manner in which a brutal murder comes to life.

When Thanos kills Loki in ‘Infinity War’

Several deaths in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are quick — they happen during a battle and there’s little time to grieve. Or, they are romanticized if/when the character has earned such a tribute (as seen with Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame). Yet, Loki’s death — in which his skin turns to a pale blue and his eyes become a bloodshot red — is pure nightmare fuel. Fans explained:

Loki turning blue while being choked, and then tossed on the floor in front of his brother, that really got to me

something kinda weird was I could have sworn when he gets picked up we see his legs kicking as he was being choked.

but in actuality he doesn’t do that almost at all (maybe a little but for like a second)

but I still pictured it which I guess could be a testament to how effective the scene was.

anyway long story short you’re totally right.

Fans noted that the scene is uncomfortable due to how graphic the depiction is, and how heartbreaking the moment is; Thor is right there, yet unable to come to his brother’s rescue! Loki struggles before his demise; his death is slow and painful, which is something, as humans, we naturally fear and recoil from, which makes the scene so unsettling. The moment taps into our humanity and the associated fears that simmer beneath the surface of our mortality; this scene merely brings the simmer to a boil.

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