New Stranger Things 3 Trailer: All the Clues We Caught in the Final Promo

This Stranger Things trailer breakdown contains speculation, theories, and potential spoilers for Season 3 – we don’t know any more than you about how the season plays out, but steer clear if you want to go into the new episodes completely oblivious, just in case our predictions come true.

The new season of Stranger Things is nearly upon us, and Netflix has released one final Season 3 trailer to whet our appetites. One thing is already clear – just because the new season takes place during summer rather than Halloween doesn’t mean the show will be any less creepy or terrifying.

While we wait for the July 4 Stranger Things Season 3 release date, let’s take a closer look at this new trailer and what it reveals about the plot. From the return of the Mind Flayer to a more sci-fi-oriented storyline to a big showdown in a shopping mall, here are all the clues (and potential spoilers) we found for Stranger Things Season 3.

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