Next James Bond movie title: Fans hail beautiful royal connection

King Charles laughs after passing pen to Queen Consort Camilla

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Yesterday marked the 60th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise and its 25 movies. And following the end of The Queen’s record-breaking 70 years on the throne, incredibly they’ve all taken place during her reign. In fact, Elizabeth II became monarch a year before  Ian Fleming even published his debut novel Casino Royale.

For almost seven decades, James Bond in the books and films has been working On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, which was the title of Fleming’s 11th 007 adventure and the 1969 movie starring George Lazenby.

However, with the death of Queen Elizabeth II last month, the real-life MI6 is now On His Majesty’s, following the ascension to the throne of her son King Charles III.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Barbara Broccoli confirmed: “Bond worked for Queen and country, and will now be working for King and country. “

With this in mind, 007 fans reckon they’ve worked out what Bond 26 will be called when the franchise is rebooted with a new star.

The two big guesses by fans on social media are For King and Country and On His Majesty’s Secret Service.

One fan among many wrote the same thing on Twitter: “Occurred to me only today… it’s just a matter of time before someone pens On His Majesty’s Secret Service, while another added: “Next Bond title, why not: For King and Country.”

Given that the franchise has basically run out of Fleming titles aside from The Property of a Lady and 007 in New York, tweaking an older one would be a fun nod to both the past and the future. And especially so given that the new Bond will be the first incarnation ever to serve The King instead of the late Queen.

Bond producer Wilson said: “She’s been a great supporter of the Bond films over the years. And so have everyone else in the royal family — Charles and William and everyone else. She’s been a steady hand. You don’t think of her so much as a person. It is a shock, no matter how much you anticipate it may happen.”

Over the last six decades, the Royal family have attended a number of Royal premieres for the Bond films with the latest being for No Time To Die.

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The now King Charles III, Queen consort and Prince and Princess of Wales visited the Royal Albert Hall for the special premiere. In fact, The King, when a prince, visited the Pinewood Studios set of No Time To Die, having his photo taken with outgoing Bond Daniel Craig.

When later asked what he thought of the latest 007 adventure, he replied: “Yes. Good clean fun…quite long.” Perhaps His Majesty could even have a cameo in the next one? Personally, we think he’d make a great M.

Whatever the case, a new UK poll by Showcase Cinemas has voted Idris Elba as Britain’s favourite to replace Craig as the Bond. Check out the results below.

1. Idris Elba (13%)
2. Tom Hardy (11%)
3. Tom Hiddleston (4.3%)
4. James Norton (4%)
5. Henry Cavill (3.8%)
6. Tom Holland (2.9%)
7. Richard Madden (2.8%)
8. Aidan Turner (2.8%)
9. Cillian Murphy (2.6%)
10. Michael Fassbender (2.3%)


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