'OutDaughtered': Danielle and Adam Busby Figured Out Why All Their Kids Were Getting Sick

There are plenty of unique families on reality TV, but few are as lovable as the Busbys. Adam and Danielle are the parents of six daughters — five quintuplets and one older child. And while they never anticipated having so many kids (especially after struggling with infertility for years), they love sharing their experiences raising the quints as they grow from toddlers into kids on TLC’s OutDaughtered.

On the show’s premiere, one of the quints was quite sick — and Danielle and Adam were rightfully alarmed. It seems they figured out why their daughter was wheezing (and why older daughter Blayke also had a consistently dry cough). Here’s what we know.

Danielle and Adam Busby noticed Ava, one of the quints, was wheezing

No one wants to see their child sick, and Danielle and Adam have already had to deal with a lot of stress when it comes to Hazel’s eye condition. More recently, however, it was little Ava who showed signs of ill health. In this clip from the show, Danielle noticed Ava wheezing heavily, and it seriously concerned the busy parents. “It sounds like someone struggling to breathe and that is terrifying,” Danielle told the cameras about Ava. “Whenever we hear our kids having any sort of respiratory issue, that’s scary. She needs to go to the doctor,” Adam added.

In Touch Weekly notes after Ava went to the doctor, it was discovered that she was battling a virus that affected her upper airway. Ava was given steroids to help with her breathing, but it’s a good thing Danielle got her checked out, as the issue was way more serious than anyone could have imagined.

High levels of mold were discovered in their home

The source of Ava’s issues turned out to be mold in the home. According to People, Adam and Danielle met with a mold inspector who delivered them the bad news. “The whole upstairs seems to be covered with mold and it’s really bad in Ava and Olivia’s room, so my stomach is turning over because the numbers are like, astronomical,” Danielle said. To take immediate action against the issue, Danielle and Adam were instructed to wash clothes, throw away their pillows and mattresses, and make the girls sleep downstairs to start — and then more permanent fixes would have to be discussed.

Danielle also connected the dots and realized the mold may be what’s causing their oldest daughter, Blayke, to have a consistent dry cough, too. “Basically, everybody needs to get tested. All of them need to get tested. It’s really starting to worry me that all these girls are getting sick. It’s really scary,” Danielle added.

The Busby’s social media followers realized this is why the family moved

Since OutDaughtered was filmed a while back, the Busbys figured out a more permanent solution to the mold problem — and that was to move. Their social media followers noticed that they seemed to be living in a new home, too. In Touch Weekly notes Adam and Danielle vaguely addressed the question of their home at the end of 2018 — but now, it seems the truth about how severe their mold issue really was is coming to light.

Reddit users also noted that others in Danielle and Adam’s neighborhood seemed to have the same mold issue. As one user commented, “it seems that 10% of the neighborhood allegedly has mold issues stemming from HVAC systems. The builder has yet to find a solution for it.” The same user also wondered if Danielle’s “migraines and health issues” were also connected to the mold issue.

Either way, it seems the Busbys are in a better, mold-free home now, and we’re interested in seeing what occurs next on the show.

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