Peter Dinklage Pines for Roxanne in Classic Love Triangle 'Cyrano'

Peter Dinklage pines for Roxanne as the titular character in the Joe Wright-directed musical drama, Cyrano. The film arrives in theaters in December.

The recreation of the classic love triangle story finds Cyrano de Bergerac suavely dueling and lovesick for Roxanne (Haley Bennett). “My soul purpose on this Earth is to love Roxanne,” he says, but doesn’t reveal his feelings to Roxanne. She, in turn, falls for Christian (Kelvin Harrison, Jr.), who enlists Cyrano to help him woo her. “My words upon your lips, I will make you romantic,” Cyrano tells Christian. “Will you make me handsome?” Christian soon realizes Cyrano is also in love with Roxanne. “My fate is to love her from afar,” Cyrano muses. Ultimately, as it should be, it’s Roxanne’s choice.

The film’s soundtrack, which features the cast singing and Glen Hansard along with music from the London Symphony Orchestra and pianist Vikingur Ólafsson, arrives on November 26th via Decca. Bryce and Aaron Dessner of the National wrote and composed the film’s soundtrack, with lyrics by the group’s Matt Berninger and composer Carin Besser.

Berninger told Rolling Stone about the process of writing for each of the characters in the film. “I think they are all lost in themselves,” he said. “They’re all lost in their own images of themselves, and they’re unable to see anyone else as honestly as who they really are because they’re not being honest with themselves. I think that, for me, was what I was always writing about.”

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