Piers Morgan walks on air late as he comforts GMB co-worker after car crash

Piers Morgan walked into the Good Morning Britain studios late on Wednesday as Susanna Reid was forced to read the headlines alone.

The 55-year-old journalist wasn't there when the show started, and he explained it was because he was comforting a colleague who was in a car accident.

After taking his seat, Piers explained: "What I was doing, I was in the make-up room and I was having a chat with the make-up artist, Catherine, who unfortunately had a car crash the other day, and I was just giving her my comfort and support – something that hasn't crossed your mind.

"So I was just showing a little bit of warmth and empathy towards a co-worker and then, of course, a procession of people began smashing the door down going 'please, please, any minute now, the weather is going to end!'"

"And? The world isn’t going to end", Piers quipped.

Susanna had scolded the star: "I was in the middle of the headlines."

He shot back: "No you weren't you hadn't started the headlines."

Reid remarked Piers had waltzed into the ITV studios "like some sort of King or Lord".

Susanna made a savage dig at Piers during her interview on Tuesday's Loose Women.

The television star was discussing how viewers thought Piers had changed during the pandemic.

Janet Street-Porter said: "I've seen since the pandemic, Piers has morphed into another person. He's gone from zero, in a lot of people's eyes, to hero."

Susanna said: "I think a lot of people are seeing him differently aren't they."

The presenter said: "Previously he was annoying, and antagonistic, and controversial and a massive wind-up."

"And now he's all of those things still, but also holding the government's feet to the fire…", she quipped.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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