Somber Kim Kardashian heads back to work after return from tearful Wyoming reunion with husband Kanye West

KIM Kardashian feels “trapped” in her marriage to Kanye West and “doesn’t know what to do" following their emotional reunion in Wyoming on Monday.

The KUWTK star looked somber as she returned to work in Los Angeles Tuesday following a tense meeting with her husband at their ranch one day before.

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The SKIMS founder, 39, was pictured arriving at her shape wear company offices just after she touched down at Van Nuys Airport to come home from the quick trip.

Kim appeared distressed as she made a quick exit from her private jet in matching grey sweatpants, slippers and a hoodie.

A source revealed to The Sun that the mom of four was on the plane alone – only joined by the pilots and one flight attendant.

This comes after an insider alleged the TV personality told the rapper not to come home "until he feels ready."

Her signature long dark hair was gathered in a bun and she covered her face with large sunglasses.

The reality star raced directly into the waiting car before she was spotted wearing the same outfit at the SKIMS offices later in the afternoon.

As she arrived at the clothing brand’s headquarters, a model in undergarment pieces from the SKIMS line walked around the parking lot as a photoshoot was happening inside.

Kim has allegedly felt “trapped” in her relationship with Kanye since her return to California after weeks of unproductive communication since his presidential rally and Twitter breakdown this month.

An insider told People: "This is a very sad time for her. She’s really upset.

"Kim feels trapped."

The informant continued: “She loves Kanye and she thinks of him as the love of her life. But she doesn't know what to do.

"Kim was thinking that they need to be apart.

“She knows that it's not healthy for her to be around him now, and it's honestly not healthy for the kids.

"He needs to get his stuff together before he can be any sort of partner or father."

Despite everything, the source concluded Kim still "wants the best for Kanye,” and she will “always want what's best for him."

Kim's homecoming back to LA came following nearly two weeks of turmoil, which included:

  • Kanye said at the July 19 South Carolina rally that he and wife Kim Kardashian discussed aborting their daughter North
  • The music mogul later claimed Kim met rapper Meek Mill at a hotel and called her "out of line"
  • On Twitter, the musician revealed he's been "trying to divorce" his wife for two years
  • The rapper also blasted Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner as "Kris Jong-Un," and accused the pair of "white supremacy"
  • Kim finally broke her silence last Wednesday saying she's "powerless" and calling Kanye "brilliant but complicated"
  • He apologized to Kim on Twitter days later for "going public with something that was a private matter"
  • On Saturday, July 25 – two days before their first meeting – the Yeezy designer was reportedly hospitalized for anxiety in the midst of his "serious bipolar episode"
  • After weeks of unproductive communication, Kim flew to Wyoming to reunite for a tense meeting with her husband.
  • The couple were pictured having an emotional discussion where Kim sobbed in the car as Kanye appeared frustrated.
  • Just one day later, the reality star touched down in LA alone after an insider claimed she does not want Kanye home "until he feels ready."

The KKW founder's came home to LA one day after she flew to their Cody, Wyoming ranch following weeks of failed communication.

During what appeared to be a tense fight in the car, the Kim broke down in tears and seemed to be yelling at her husband.

The religious musician looked to be pleading with Kim during the heated discussion in the front seat of a car.

In one shot where the pair are looking directly at the camera, Kanye had a worrying facial expression while Kim had her hand over her mouth as tears streamed from her eyes.

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Kanye was also seen slamming his fist into his hands as if he was explaining his situation.

Just two days before the tearful encounter, Kanye begged his wife for forgiveness after he publicly humiliated her with claims he stopped her from aborting their firstborn daughter, North, and has been "trying to divorce Kim for two years."

Acknowledging he was wrong in sharing such personal matters with the world, he tweeted: “I would like to apologize to my wife Kim for going public with something that was a private matter.

“I did not cover her like she has covered me. To Kim I want to say I know I hurt you.

“Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there for me.”

According to TMZ, Kanye issued the apology after visiting the emergency room on Saturday following anxiety in the midst of a "serious bipolar episode."

He reportedly spent around 30 minutes inside before heading back to his remote ranch.

A short time later, an ambulance arrived at his estate, though it ultimately left without Kanye inside.

Friends, family and fans became concerned about the artist’s mental health after his political rally breakdown in South Carolina on July 19 and his Twitter rants in the days that followed.

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