'Southern Charm': Did Whitney Sudler-Smith Hook Up With RHONY's Sonja Morgan?

Sonja Morgan had a pretty eventful pride weekend. After getting into a heated shouting match in a car with RHONY co-star Tinsley Mortimer, she must have needed a pick-me-up. According to Southern Charm grande dame Patricia Altschul, Morgan might have found what she was looking for. Just not where anyone expected. Alstschul put down a pretty heavy hint that Sonja Morgan and Altschul’s son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, got together during pride weekend. It all came from one Instagram comment. 

Whitney’s on a roll

Apparently, Whitney Sudler-Smith of Southern Charm fame has been having quite some luck with his fellow Bravo stars lately. While Sudler-Smith may be a producer for Southern Charm, he’s still on the show, and he still gets embroiled in drama every now and then. In fact, Kathryn Dennis recently admitted that she and Sudler-Smith hooked up, and not just once. And apparently, everybody knows. 

During the trailer for Season 6, viewers saw a dinner party during which Chelsea Meissner says, “What if Kathryn and Whitney got back together? She said the last time she was there she stayed the night. She said she was twenty-one.”

Austen Kroll cuts in with, “No. This summer. They f*cked. This summer!”

When asked about the rumor, Dennis said, “The first time Whitney and I hooked up he said ‘Don’t tell anyone,’ and I was really intimidated by him at the time so I was like, ‘Okay, I really, really won’t.’ Now I don’t give a sh*t,” added Dennis. “If I was him I’d be like, ‘Yeah man, I sure did.’”

Whitney gets defensive

“Everybody knows it happens, but everybody has needs. I don’t think it’s a big love connection,” Shep Rose said in answer to a caller’s question during WWHL.

However, Whitney Sudler-Smith hasn’t exactly been an open book about the event, more or less refusing to discuss it publicly. Some fans have been curious why, and Southern Charm star Shep Rose says it’s all about vanity. “It’s just vanity, it’s straight vanity, and Whitney’s got a lot of it. He’s basically like, ‘if people think I slept with Kathryn then like, A-list actress/models will think I’m undesirable or something, which is absurd,” said Rose.

Altschul defended her son, telling ET, “Here, let me answer this, honey. This is what Whitney told me, he said, ‘I love Kathryn, we’re good friends, but a southern gentleman would never discuss what he does with a lady. You’re talking about consenting adults. So, who cares? My question is, who cares?”

Did Whitney and Sonja hook up?

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Given all the recent gossip about Whitney Sudler-Smith and Southern Charm co-star Kathryn Dennis, it’s surprising to see a new name in the mix. So what brought this up? Look no further than Patricia Altschul herself. 

Sonja Morgan posted a picture of herself with Patricia Altschul during pride. One user commented on the photo with, “If only she would support her son to come out of the closet.” For clarification, some Southern Charm fans think Sudler-Smith could possibly be gay. Altschul replied with, “He’s not gay. Ask Sonja.” Obviously, this immediately raised some eyebrows. 

Some fans were excited about the possibility. One user commented, ‘DEAD. Sonja needs to be on the next season of Southern Charm. We need to see this play out on TV.’ Another fan wrote, “I’ma need to hear the deets on this one.” 

We’re not sure if it definitely happened, but Patricia Altschul doesn’t usually lead us astray, right?

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