Summer of Rockets series 2: Will there be another series?

Summer of Rockets is bringing its first series to an end tonight at 9pm on BBC Two tonight. The drama set in 1958 has been full of intrigue and mystery and was led by a cast of incredible British actors. But fans are desperate to know – will there be another series of Summer of Rockets?

Will there be another series of Summer of Rockets?

Summer of Rockets is a BBC period drama set during the Cold War.

The series follows a secret mission conducted by Russian-born Jewish inventor Samuel Petrukin (played by Toby Stephens).

Approached by M15 to carry out the work, he is asked to spy on his friends Kathleen Shaw (Keeley Hawes) and her husband MP Richard Shaw (Linus Roache) as the pair are suspected of passing secrets to the Soviets.

Timothy Spall also stars in the drama as Lord Arthur Wallington, a prominent figure in British politics during the series.

The BBC has not yet announced if there will be a second series of the show.

However, the six-part drama written by Stephen Poliakoff may not be back for another outing as it is thought to have been a self-contained story.

Poliakoff is a well-known playwright and is also known for doing standalone period dramas.

He is behind 2016’s Close to the Enemy, 2013’s Dancing on the Edge and 2001’s Perfect Strangers.

None of these dramas were renewed for a second season but were instead one-off pieces.

Poliakoff told the Radio Times that the character of Petrukin was based on his father.

He explained: “My father, along with my grandfather, provided Churchill’s hearing aids during his second premiership in the 1950s and they were both suspected of bugging him. They didn’t, of course.”

Keeley Hawes also spoke to the BBC about her role of Kathleen Shaw in the drama.

She said: “Everybody in the show has secrets and we find out that Kathleen is also hiding something.”

But she was hinted that the show comes to a satisfying conclusion in the final episode.

She explained: “It’s full of fascinating detail and the characters are beautifully drawn.

“Also it’s a love letter to film and TV, and really demonstrates Stephen’s great love for the medium.

“There’s so much, it’s impossible to sum it up but: it looks extraordinary as well as being an incredible story. I’m very proud of it.”

The finale will reveal the truth about the Shaws and the MI5 men when Petrukin is invited to a secret meeting.

The last episode will also follow Hannah (Lily Sacofsky) as she becomes increasingly worried about her father’s safety.

The final episode of Summer of Rockets runs for one hour and 21 minutes and ties up many of the loose ends of the show.

Viewers were also able to watch the whole series as a boxset on BBC iPlayer after the first episode aired on Wednesday, May 22.

Summer of Rockets is on BBC Two tonight at 9pm

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