Teen Moms Jenelle Evan’s breaks down as son Jace sings lullaby

Teen Mom 2: Trailer for season 6

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Jenelle Evans first shot to fame in 2012 after starring in season two of MTV’s reality show, Teen Mom. Although she no longer works with the network, an old clip made fans emotional as then-pregnant Jenelle shed tears, prompting her son Jace to sing a cute lullaby.

During her time on the show, Jenelle fell pregnant with Nathan Griffith’s child and as the resurfaced clip shows, with her second child on the way she was met with even more challenges.

The clip showed Jenelle getting in a car, while Jace sat in the back.

Airing her frustrations, she said: “I’m taking Jace back to my mum and I’m really p****d that Nathan isn’t coming to help set up for our [baby] shower.”

While she furiously texted, the youngster asked: “Mommy, is Nathan coming?” to which Jenelle responded: “I’m asking him one more time.”

After Jace probed: “Why?” Janelle explained: “I want him to help decorate for the baby shower.”

Once he learned of Nathan’s refusal, Jace offered: “Well, I will … if he doesn’t want to go, then fine we’ll go all by ourselves.”

As Jenelle admitted: “It just makes me sad,” she broke into tears and continued: “He’s so mean to me.

“I didn’t say anything wrong, I can’t stand being treated like this, he’s so mean to me all the time.”

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As Jenelle wiped her tears, Jace began singing The World Is a Rainbow, which prompted viewers to become emotional while others criticised her parenting.

Replying to the Reddit thread u/_softgh0st commented: “This is absolutely heartbreaking.”

u/margiebug23 added: “He’s such a sweet little boy, this makes me so sad for him every time I see it. she does not deserve him.”

A third viewer u/ashleighoxide admitted: “My heart broke for this little Jace in this scene.”

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Redditor u/Ok_Basis_6466 remarked: “This is heartbreaking in so many ways. Gets me every time it’s posted.”

u/No-Competition-8455 noted: “Jace got the shortest end of the stick, out of all the kids on the show. Thank God for Barb.”

While u/8bitevil fumed: “Her behaviour in this scene is so appalling, how dare she talk to her son about these things as if he’s an acquaintance to her and not her son.”

When Jenelle joined the show and gave birth to Jace, her struggles with motherhood became evident.

She found it difficult to give up the partying lifestyle and often left her mother, Barbara Evans, to look after Jace.

Jenelle admitted her shortcomings, as she never felt capable of looking after him alone and eventually handed her mother custody of Jace.

After giving birth to her son Kaiser Griffith in 2013, her break-up with Nathan led to a major custody battle and in 2017, they eventually reached a joint custody agreement in court.

As of today, Jenelle has three children with the addition of her daughter, Ensley Eason and Jace is currently 13 years old.

Teen Mom seasons 1-5 are available to stream on MTV in the USA.

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