'The Bachelorette': The Box King is The New Grocery Store Joe (And He's Headed to 'Paradise')

Is it even The Bachelorette if a small business owner from Chicago by the name of Joe doesn’t go home on night one? Joe Barsano, aka The Box King, made a splash on Hannah Brown’s first night at the mansion. Unfortunately, not the right kind of splash for Hannah B. because he was sent home after the first rose ceremony.

The Box King’s introductory video was all smiles as he proudly showed The Bachelorette crew around his life’s work, selling boxes. If his passion for cardboard cubes and rectangles didn’t sell you, his sweet Italian family certainly did.

‘Bachelorette’ producers stick to what works

The Bachelorette producers knew what they were doing with The Box King. Grocery Story Joe (Joe Amabile) received a hugely positive reaction on social media after he was sent home his first night on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. Bachelor producers have spoken about the show as a formula before.

“We never think, “Ok, it’s been 15 seasons, let’s reinvent the wheel and completely tear up this formula.” Because the formula works and the show works, and it works for a reason,” Chris Harrison said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Looks like we can add one charming man from Chicago who’s passionate about his business and goes by Joe to the formula. How these guys keep getting sent home night one, though, we’ll never know. Sure, The Bachelorette doesn’t have a ton of time with each contestant, and some contestants don’t get much more than their first impression right when they hop out the limo, but both Joes came off so painfully charismatic and good-natured on both Hannah B. and Becca’s night ones.

The Box King definitely made an impression with his entrance. He jumped out of a box labeled “Fragile,” sending packing peanuts flying everywhere, that sweet Midwestern smile slapped across his face. Alas, it wasn’t enough to win over Miss Alabama Hannah.

The Box King is headed to ‘Paradise’

The good news for Box King Joe Barsano is that his love journey’s not over. When Grocery Store Joe won the hearts of America with his brief stint on The Bachelorette, producers couldn’t help but put him on Bachelor in Paradise. They probably had a feeling the same would happen for The Box King so had his contract out and ready to go as soon as the show aired and the social media reactions started rolling in.

According to Variety, The Box King will be heading to the beach this summer.  

Let’s just hope Paradise works as well for The Box King as it did for Grocery Store Joe. Today, Joe’s still with his Paradise partner, Kendall Long. The two have been busy traveling the world and moving in together. They hope to open up their own restaurant someday.

We hope The Box King meets the love of his life on the beach and they start their own moving business. Dream big, Box King Joe, it’s happened before.     

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