The Chases Jenny Ryan opens up on co-star rivalry and bad blood backstage

The Chase's Vixen star Jenny Ryan has revealed the truth about the "bad blood" between the ITV cast.

The TV star opened up about the rivalry that she experiences between her fellow quiz gurus.

She exclusively told us: "I think people watching at home, especially Beat The Chasers, are thinking we all wind each other up and there's a little bit of bad blood.

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"But there's honestly absolutely none, we've all had lunch beforehand whilst firing questions at each other to warm up, and if one of us makes a mistake it's very fleeting, and there is no animosity afterward.

"There's a little bit of rivalry as there's a lot of different stats – you can see who is fastest or most accurate but I think we are all at least top of one of the stats."

She also revealed that she often gets sent "intimate photos" from fans online.

The Vixen star attended the National Television Awards which took place in London on Thursday (October 13).

At the VIP event, Jenny revealed sometimes her fans go a little too far.

She said: "Proposals is something that happens, they're not asking for a date they're going straight to marriage.

"I don't know they probably think I'm rich."

She continued: "You know what people in person, we probably have the best fans because I've never had a weird or unpleasant or mean interaction in person.

"Everyone is so happy to see us, we aren't a guilty pleasure anymore, we are a genuine pleasure for so many people and they are happy to see us I think.

"It's people who still hide behind the keyboard online and they have sad lives and they need to take it out on someone – the strangest ones are when you get the intimate photographs," she said whilst cringing.

The Chasers also have a secret group chat on Whatsapp that host Bradley Walsh isn't allowed in.

Jenny explained: "There's a little bit of rivalry, there's a lot of different stats and I think we are all top on one of the stats.

"We have a Chasers group chat, which no Bradley isn't in, we'd drive him up the wall and he'd drive us up the wall."

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