The Crown's Josh O'Connor promises season 4 of Netflix drama will be 'thrilling'

Josh O’Connor has promised fans of The Crown the Diana sagas in the forthcoming series are about to get ‘thrilling’.

The 30-year-old, who has sticky out ears like his character Prince Charles in the hit Netflix show, warned fans to buckle in for series four.

‘The Diana stuff has been thrilling to play,’ he said when asked about starring across from Emma Corrin, who plays Di.

He is most enamoured though by Charles’s predicament of having to wait for the Queen to die to start a fulfilled legacy.

‘For me, that’s the juicy stuff. The question of having to wait for your mum to die in order for your life to have meaning, and what that means for a young man. It’s just bizarre. Charles doesn’t necessarily want power, but until she dies, what the hell is he doing? What is his existence? He has no purpose,’ he continued.

Josh revealed how he channelled Charles by buying a school uniform online to imagine life in the heir’s shoes – a life he once hated at Scottish school Gordonstoun.

‘I went on the website and ordered the most public school shorts I could find. Crispy white shorts. I got those, and I soaked them in mud and left them in a sports bag for a week and cut out the material and stuck that,’ the God’s Own Country actor told Esquire magazine.

‘I bought some aftershave, the oakiest one I could find, the most Charles-y one I could imagine,’ he said.

Despite the headline grabbing role and playing the future king, Josh insisted the experience still hasn’t won his interest in the royal family.

‘It’s quite useful, because if anyone tries to trick you into saying anything about the real royal family, I can’t, because I don’t know anything. When we went over to the Golden Globes, people were asking us about Harry and Meghan and I had to say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”’, he said, adding, ‘Because I really don’t.’

Read the full interview in the September/October issue of Esquire UK out now.

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