The Jeremy Kyle Show fans reveal their surprise list of best looking guests – including woman with full-set of teeth and glam blonde

VIEWERS of The Jeremy Kyle Show have revealed their surprise list of best looking guests – including a woman who had a full-set of teeth and a glamorous blonde.

The ITV daytime show deals with feuding families, carries out lie detectors and helps those suffering from an addiction.

Host Jeremy Kyle meets people from all walks of life with shocking stories to tell.

But a few caught the attention of fans for reasons beyond their television strapline.

Here we reveal the most attractive guests that viewers have lusted over.

Joelle – "You stole my money and left me and our baby homeless"

JOELLE was an instant hit with viewers when she appeared on the show over a row with her boyfriend in 2015.

One said: "So I was watching Jeremy Kyle yea, and out of nowhere this beautiful girl comes out as the guest. #joelle #JeremyKyle."

Another added: ""That joelle women on #JeremyKyle is beautiful man — too beautiful to be on that show #findjoellestwitter RT!!"

Someone else said: "Perhaps I should watch #JeremyKyle more often. That #joelle is hotter than the current weather! #hot."

A fan said: "That Joelle woman on jezza! lord knows what her muggy ex is smoking… Homeless? She can stay with me #JeremyKyle."

Ricky – "I didn't sleep with your brother behind your dad's back."

IN 2016, Ricky accused his stepmother of sleeping with his brother in a classic Jeremy Kyle episode.

Despite the shocking storyline, Ricky's handsome looks caught the eyes of viewers.

And when he acted out the sex position he found the pair in it sent fans wilds.

One said: "Ricky has to make the rare hottest guest list of #jeremykyle."

Another added: "Ricky should be on every day #jeremykyle."

Someone else said: "I wanna find This Ricky on #JeremyKyle #SocialCreeeepin."

Marielle – made to do a lie detector test

MARIELLE was forced to take a lie detector test by her sister Misty who accused of her stealing an iPad.

Although she was being quizzed for theft on the show in 2016, viewers more interested in her good looks.

A fan said: Wow marielle on #JeremyKyle."

Another said: "Oooh marielle #jeremykyle."

Alyssa – "My identical twin brother is now my sister."

ALYSSA impressed viewers with her beautiful looks when she appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show with her twin brother, Matt.

They were left shocked when they discovered Alyssa was born a man and underwent gender reassignment surgery when she was 23.

She went on the show in 2017 to explain she was living her life as woman, and how that had changed her relationship with her twin brother.


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Viewers loved their relationship on-screen. One said: "#jeremykyle Alyssa & her brother are how a family should be. Lovely."

Another who was attracted to Alyssa, said: "What a lovely guy the gay brother is. And Alyssa would get it! #JeremyKyle."

One added: "#jeremykyle Woman on the show DOES NOT have a teeth issue."

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