Tipping Point fans fuming as they spot contestants annoying habit on ITV show

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    Tipping Point viewers are slamming a contestant for her “bad habit” which left some viewers fuming.

    During Thursday’s edition of the hit ITV daytime quiz show, hosted by Ben Shephard, Abby was one of the hopefuls aiming to win big and scoop the £10,000 jackpot, alongside fellow players Glenis and Pardayan.

    But fans quickly noticed she was very chatty, constantly talking throughout her drops and while other contestants were playing.

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    “Folk that talk their way through the drops on #TippingPoint do my head in,” said one viewer.

    “Verbal diarrhoea,” blasted another.

    The comments continued.

    “Abby clearly trying to audition as a Sky Sports Commentator,” followed by: “Just put Tipping Point on and Abby annoying me already.”

    Another chimed in, saying: “Abby is a chatty one,” and “Just press the button then shut [up] Abby. Ta.”

    Abbey went on to soar into the lead after a series of successful drops bagging £1550.

    She also managed to bag two mystery counters and a double counter.

    “Aye well done Abby now shut up #TippingPoint,” blasted another irritated viewer.

    As expected, Abby’s lead was impossible to catch and Pardayan was sent packing.

    Glenis did her best to catch her but was unable to match her £1950 prize pot.

    She went on to the final chase and began to offer very detailed explanations of all her answers.

    With three multiple choice answers available for each question, Abby proceeded to tell viewers her throughout process behind each answer and the knowledge she had one each one.

    Fans were further frustrated, blasting: “WE DON'T NEED A F***ING EXPLANATION!! YOU'RE NOT WRITING AN ESSAY!!”

    Another chimed in: “Just fu**ing say the answer, don’t need the running commentary on all of the questions #tippingpoint.”

    Another reached out to host Ben Shephard, saying: “Signal if you need to be rescued Ben.”

    Abby was unable to get the jackpot counter out of the machine despite her best attempts and ended up going home with £2450.

    Monday's episode (October 17) of the ITV quiz programme saw contestants Kiah, Alfonso and Gill battle it out for the chance to win a £10k jackpot.

    In the first knockout round, viewers at home and Ben, 47, got quickly flustered as Gill made an accidental but X-rated innuendo.

    As counters fell from the machine, she said: "It's going, come on, yes. Give it to me. It's going, come on."

    Posting to Twitter, Tipping Point viewers quickly picked up on Gill's naughty double entendre.

    One fan said: "Give it to me. Now there's an offer!"

    Another commented: "Give it to me. Blimey."

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