I recreated Olivia Wilde's salad dressing which is causing a stir in Harry Styles saga & didn't expect how it tasted | The Sun

WHAT began as a questionable tasting for two is now the salad dressing scandal of the year, and one beloved musician got tossed right in the middle.

On Tuesday night, Olivia Wilde released the recipe for the most buzzed-about vinaigrette in Hollywood history. Naturally, we rushed to try it and see what all the fuss was about.

In a surprising interview with the Daily Mail, a former nanny for Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis described how Jason allegedly went into a dramatic spiral after seeing his fiancée make her homemade salad dressing for someone else.

Jason reportedly threw himself under the car as Olivia was on her way out of the house to make a special delivery to Harry Styles, a lead actor in Olivia's recent film direction, Don't Worry Darling.

The 47-year-old Ted Lasso star shares two kids with Olivia: Otis, eight, and Daisy, six.

Their ex-nanny shared a stream of messages purportedly between Jason and herself in which he claims Olivia left their children home alone to bring Harry the salad topped with her distinguished vinaigrette.

Both Olivia and Jason publically denied their former nanny's claims, which she says all took place before Olivia and Harry confirmed their relationship.

But hours after their denial, the 38-year-old mom posted the recipe for the controversial salad to her Instagram story.

Social media users were sent into a full-on frenzy at the mention of a salad dressing that could inspire such a dramatic reaction.

So, what is that recipe? Is it really worthy of such proclaimed heartbreak?

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Turns out the recipe was taken from a tale about divorce.

The star posted a page from the 1983 novel Heartburn by Nora Ephron, which is based on Nora's marriage and divorce from her ex-husband Carl Bernstein after he cheated on her.

In the middle of a paragraph about the wife's last day spent in Washington, Nora includes a three-step recipe for a vinaigrette that she makes for her husband.

You'd never guess such a simple dressing would spark so much drama. We, of course, had to try it.

The recipe calls for just three ingredients: Grey Poupon mustard, red wine vinegar, and olive oil.

When I tell you that I sprinted to the store to grab the essentials, I'm not kidding.

If one salad could generate so much buzz, there was no telling how quickly the ingredients would sell out.

In the book, it says: "Mix 2 tablespoons of Grey Poupon mustard with 2 tablespoons of good red wine vinegar."

Grabbing a separate bowl for just the dressing, I added the exact spoonfuls needed.

I gave that mixture a little whisk and carefully poured in the first tablespoon of olive oil.

Right away, I noticed the dressing to be a bit too thin for my preference, but I hoped for the best.

After all, Olivia did think it was good enough to give to Harry.

I added the sixth spoon of olive oil and continued mixing until the olive oil melted with the mustard and vinegar.

Eager to get a taste, I dipped my finger into the bowl and put a little drop on my tongue.

In my opinion, the dressing didn't live up to the fuss.

I can only describe the taste as potent and the texture as watery mustard.

On top of a bed of arugula and sliced tomatoes, Olivia's dressing isn't so wild, but I can't say I'll ever rush to make it again.

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