TVLine Podcast: Dream Emmy Nominee Heléne Yorke on How The Other Two Aces Comedic Chemistry, Nails Taboo Topics 'Like Who Gets to Eat the Pizza'

Prior to sitting down for her first TVLine Podcast interview, The Other Two star Heléne Yorke had no idea that people were carrying around tote bags emblazoned with a photo of her character, dancer-turned-realtor-turned-millenial-manager Brooke Dubek. She definitely knows now.

“I’m gonna frame this,” Yorke says with delight when TVLine Executive Editor Andy Swift shows her a photo of the fan-made item. “My god, that’s unbelievable.”

Yorke co-stars with Drew Tarver (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) in the Comedy Central series about hapless adult siblings whose teen brother becomes a pop star nearly overnight. Former Saturday Night Live writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider created the comedy; SNL vet Molly Shannon plays their mom.

In an upbeat interview, our Dream Emmy nominee Yorke clues us in as to why she, Tarver, Walker and Shannon are so believable as a family (“nobody hides anything, and nobody has to put anything on”), how her Broadway background already has affected the direction Brooke’s storyline has taken (and whether she’ll sing on the show in the future) and why the series isn’t afraid to tackle topics other shows might never touch (if you didn’t get the pizza reference in the headline of this post, for instance, there’s some context here).

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