‘Veronica Mars’ Creator And Cast Share Exclusive “Adult” Clip, Talk Future Of Series, Reveal All Seasons Will Stream Ahead Of Revival – ATX

The “Marshmallows” came out to a packed Paramount Theatre for a conversation with Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and cast members Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring and Percy Daggs III.  But before they stepped out on to the stage to talk about the revival on Hulu (all eight episodes will drop July 26 while Thomas revealed all three seasons will be available on July 1), the crowd squealed with delight when an exclusive clip was shown.

The clip brought us back to Neptune with the witty banter between Veronica (Kristen Bell) and Keith (Colantoni) — with the ironic use of millennial slang. There was also a gratuitous shirtless Speedo scene with Logan (Dohring) emerging from the water with a surfboard which made the audience drool. An exchange between Veronica and Logan is really racy — in other words, lots of sex talk. Needless to say, the generous scene was quite adult because, well, the cast is older now — and so is the language.

Thomas admits that when he first wrote the script he was ready for it to be suited for Hulu which means lots of curse words. The first draft of the script had plenty of F-bombs and then he learned that Hulu wanted it to be in line with the original seasons of the series because they would be available on the streaming platform. This means the revival had to be appropriate for younger audiences.

“The first word of the script was Veronica saying ‘f*ck’”, Thomas told moderator Sarah Rodman from Entertainment Weekly. “I had to rewrite that.”

To get around the cursing, Thomas wrote in that Veronica & Keith made a bet of who can go the longest without cursing. That said, every time Veronica says “cuss” during the revival, she originally was saying “f*ck”.

The revival was in the works since the feature film was released in 2014. “Kristen and I have been in touch semi-regularly and talking about how to want to do it and the idea of doing a miniseries, one big case appealed to us a lot.”

An Austin native, Thomas said that while he was writing the revival, there were bomb scares happening in his hometown. He incorporated bomb scares during spring break in Neptune for the new series. In addition, he focuses on a new journey for Veronica. “There are a lot of stories about men coming to a crossroads in their life,” said Thomas. He adds that on one side marriage, babies and career and the other is freedom. “I was interested in putting Veronica at that crossroads — we explore what kind of life Veronica wants to live.”

The revival will include newcomers J.K Simmons and Patton Oswalt as well as a few drop-ins from familiar faces such as Max Greenfield. Thomas shared that there will be lots of drop-ins from other characters from the past. He said that Veronica will come face-to-face with people she had put in prison and exes of certain characters will be resurfacing.

Without a doubt, Veronica is a character that stands strongly in feminism and the men on stage spoke to how there is a need for these types of characters — for both men and women. It goes in line with the women in their life and how they influenced their life. Thomas said there the character of Veronica has confidence and represents women in a different lens from other characters of the same ilk.

“That is her superpower,” he said. “She doesn’t kill vampires or kick ass. She just is able to tell other people to f*ck off.”

Seeing that the series has a diehard fanbase, there is the question if this is the last iteration of Veronica Mars and Thomas said that he and Bell would love to have this go on beyond these eight episodes — but don’t get too excited about another mini-series after July 26.

“I feel like by saying that, you assume Veronica survives these 8 episodes — so don’t get comfortable,” laughs Thomas.

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