Who designed the Brit Awards 2021 trophy and why are there two?

THE Brit Awards 2021 is just around the corner and the UK's premier artists will be rewarded for their musical achievements.

Each year fans look to seeing the creative and designs of the the trophy which are given to the winning artists.

Who designed the Brit Awards 2021 trophy?

Yinka Ilori and Es Devlin have designed the trophies for the Brit Awards 2021 and this is the first double collaborative trophy design in the awards’ history.

The pair are the latest in a long line of UK creatives who have designed the prestigious award.

Ilori’s design features his signature graphic colour palette with bold compositions inspired by his Nigerian heritage, while Devlin’s smaller silver trophy is engraved with a maze pattern.

Explaining his choice of design, Devlin said: "That celebrates the paths many of those working within the creative industries have had to tread in order to progress through this challenging year."

Why do winners get two Brit Award trophies this year?

The bigger Brit Awards is for the winner of each category, while each recipient will also be awarded a second smaller trophy, which they are encouraged to give to something else.

Ilori explained: "The idea came from the experience of lockdown, where your neighbour you’ve lived beside for six years and never say hello to, suddenly gave you flowers, foods, acts of kindness.

He continued: "I wanted to capture that…I would describe it as two artists from different disciplines, different inspirations, coming together to design a trophy based around the idea of giving something back – acts of kindness."

Devlin added: "Yinka and I thought that the best award that one could receive would be agency to award another.

"Each recipient is invited to award the second trophy to someone they consider worthy – it might be recognition – or it might be someone that does something entirely unrelated to music."

Who designed last year's Brit Awards trophy?

The Brit Awards 2020, which marked the show's 40th anniversary, welcomed back the iconic Lady Britannia BRIT statuette.

The award had been reimagined each year since 2011 by a guest designer prior to its return for the award show reaching a special milestone.

The classic trophy was given to the likes of Stormzy, who won the British Male Solo Artist of the year and Mabel, who won best British Female Solo Artist.

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