Who is Hunter Metts on American Idol?

HUNTER Metts has melted the nation's hearts with his emotional acoustic covers on American Idol.

The young talent is one to watch, as he has made it to the show's final ten.

Who is Hunter Metts?

Hunter Metts has shot to fame as a contestant on season 19 of American Idol and has become one of show's ten finalists.

Outside of the singing competition, he is a Software Developer at a tech company in Nashville.

The American Idol hopeful attended Centennial High School in Franklin, Tennessee, and pursued a job in tech instead of his true passion, music.

“During that time I decided that I didn’t want to really pursue music because it was so unsteady and it’s just such a risk,” Metts said.

“So I decided to go to coding school and from there and got a job coding. I played it safe.”

Hunter has had his eyes set on American Idol for many years.

In his first audition, Hunter revealed he previously couldn't go on the show due to his sister's job.

She was working at Disney, which is ABC’s parent company.

Hunter told the judges: “This is my third time trying to come to American Idol,

“My first time, [my sister] was currently working at Disney, and it was seen as a conflict of interest.

"The following year when I expressed interest in doing it again, she quit her job.”

Hunter has dabbled in the world of music, and released two singles named “The River,” and “Loaded Gun" in 2020.

How old is Hunter Metts?

Believe it or not, Hunter is only 22!

But the young talent is committed to a life in the music industry.

He said: "I'm all in, and I think this is the launchpad. This is the very first thing, to get people hopefully interested in me as a person and connecting with my story.

"And then from there on out, it's just articulating emotions through music. And I hope to do that for the rest of my life."

Who is Hunter Metts dating?

Metts has become quite a heartthrob for viewers of the show.

But unfortunately for his fans, Metts is happily in a relationship.

He has a girlfriend named Elli.

According to her social media, she is a nursing student at Belmont University.

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