Bus driver swings punch at motorist after ripping car door off hinges

Bus driver swings punch at shocked motorist in road rage row after ripping his car door off its hinges

  • The video shows damaged van with driver door hanging off its hinges in London
  • Van driver is seen boarding bus to confront bus driver who then swings at him
  • Pedestrians then rush to van driver’s defence and blame bus driver for incident 

This is the shocking moment a London bus driver swings a punch at another motorist in a road rage argument – after the man’s car door was ripped off its hinges.

In the video shared last Wednesday , the motorist confronts the driver of the No.56 bus – which runs between Whipps Cross and St Bartholomew’s Hospital – after the bus tore the door off his parked van on the busy road.

However, when the motorist approaches him, the bus driver appears to furiously throw a punch at him.

This is the shocking moment a London bus driver swings at a fellow motorist during a road rage row after the bus reportedly tore a van door off its hinges because it was obstructing the road

A man confronts the bus driver over the damage (pictured) before the incident escalates

The woman filming the incident can be heard saying: ‘Look what he’s just done – the bus driver.’

A man in a grey hoodie, who appears to be the owner of the damaged van, boards the bus to confront the bus driver.

At this point, the bus driver gets out of his booth on the bus and swings a punch at the man, forcing him backwards and off the bus. 

Bystanders who witnessed the incident rush to the man’s defence and scold the No.59 bus driver for apparently colliding with the van and ripping off its door.

Pictured: Pedestrians rush to the van driver’s aid and scold the bus driver for his actions

One man can be seen pointing at the bus driver and angrily shouting: ‘You! I saw what happened. You’re f****d.’ 

The bus driver tries to justify taking the man’s car door off its hinges shouting: ‘I told him three times to move!’

A feverish road argument ensues between the bus driver and other motorists as the incident brings the traffic on the road to a standstill.

Other motorists waiting to use the road can be heard honking their owns in a bid to encourage the drivers to move on. 

Transport for London has been reached for comment.

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