Can we make contact with aliens?

PEOPLE believe that aliens walk among us.

Despite there being no official sightings of the extra-terrestrial creatures, avid believers still hope there is life beyond Earth.

Can we talk to aliens?

Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) created a branch called Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI) in hopes to get in contact with aliens.

In 1974, astronomer Frank Drake compiled the Arecibo Message.

The interstellar message was to show how human technology has developed, not necessarily to communicate with other lifeforms.

Many people claim they have spoken to aliens due to being abducted by them.

American couple Barney and Betty Hill garnered widespread media attention when they claimed to have been abducted by aliens between September 19 to 20, 1961.

What might aliens look like?

There is no definitive way of what it is believed how aliens look and the far-from-earth creatures have been portrayed in different ways across the media.

In TV and film, they're commonly shown as tall, grey, bug eyed creatures with bodies not too dissimilar to that of humans.

Popular film franchise Men In Black does not depict aliens in one way but instead have the extra-terrestrial creatures shown in all types of shapes and sizes.

It is also believed that aliens can morph themselves to look like there surroundings.

TV show Resident Alien shows off this by having the titular character swap bodies with a human.

Have aliens ever visited Earth?

There is believed to have been multiple incidents of aliens on Earth.

The most infamous event is that of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Locals believe they saw a "flying saucer" hovering around in late June.

On July 8, 1947, Roswell Army Air Field released a statement saying they had found a "flying disc" but later retracted the statement saying they'd actually uncovered a weather balloon.

The incident started off a phenomenon and people all over the globe started believing they had seen extra-terrestrials.

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has become a popular sighting area of "UFOs".

In 2017, footage was released which appears to show some sort of craft flying over the volcano.

It's not just the United States that have had their share of sightings.

The UK have had various rumoured sightings over the years in places like London, Liverpool and Broad Haven.

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