Cause of death revealed for Long Island pizzeria owner who died in Dominican Republic

Long Island pizzeria owner Vittorio Caruso, the 10th American to die in the Dominican Republic, died from respiratory and heart failure, according to a new report.

The preliminary autopsy report was released by the country’s attorney general’s office, CNN reported.

Caruso, of Glen Cove, had been living in the town of Boca Chica for several years, prosecutors said.

On June 11, the 56-year-old began to cough and felt short of breath, so he went to the doctor and was treated and released, his partner, Yomaira Ramirez de Jesus, told prosecutors.

A week later, Caruso called her, again complaining of problems breathing and chest pain. He received medical attention at home before he was transferred to a Santo Domingo hospital.

Caruso suffered cardiorespiratory arrest and died.

The AG’s office said Caruso had battled hypertension for nine years and had a long history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He drank and smoked, according to the autopsy results.

The autopsy detected both new and previous heart attacks.

Family told The Post that Caruso, who co-owned Vittorio’s pizzeria in Glen Oak before selling the business about two months ago, had a time-share condo in the DR.

Caruso’s passing on June 17 is the latest in a string of tourist deaths in the DR. Authorities are probing whether bootleg alcohol is to blame.

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