Center Parcs probe after Tropical Cyclone raft flips over injuring man and two kids – The Sun

AN investigation has been launched into the Tropical Cyclone ride at Center Parcs after a man and two kids were injured.

The man and his niece, 13, and nephew, 12, were injured while on the ride at the holiday park in Longleat, Whiltshire on August 19.

The two children suffered minor head injuries while the man was taken to hospital with suspected broken ribs.

Center Parcs has apologised but called the incident “simply an unfortunate accident”.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said he and his family had been on the ride “countless” times before but said this time the ride did not slow down as it came to the end of the 142m course.

He told the BBC: “We maintained our speed and were quite high up on the side.

“We went into thin air and that’s why we flipped.”

He added: “The thing that I really remember was the cracking sound of my ribs hitting the side of the flume.”


Paramedics attend to the man who then took him to hospital.

He claims he still has pain in his ribs and back.

The park visitor said his niece suffered an “impressive bump just above her right eye, bruising along the right side of her chin and a headache” for about a week afterwards.

His nephew suffered a headache for the rest of the day, it is claimed.

The holiday village confirmed all three people has sustained minor injuries.

It is not the first time Center Parcs has had to deal with a problem on its Tropical Cyclone ride which features in four of the company’s villages – Longleat Forest, Elveden Forest, Sherwood Forest and Woburn Forest.

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