Cheeky octopus hides inside diver’s mouth while he was swims in Hawaii

Octopus climbs into a stunned diver’s MOUTH in Hawaii before having second thoughts and making its getaway

  • Shane Brown was diving in Oahu, Hawaii when an octopus swam into his mouth
  • The creature crawled over his face before slipping its whole body into his mouth  
  • Shane said he thinks the octopus was scared by something nearby so hid 

This is the strange moment a cheeky octopus trying to hide climbs inside a diver’s mouth while he swims. 

Shane Brown was in a popular diving spot off Oahu, Hawaii, this August, when he was surprised with an impromptu dental check-up.

The tiny octopus swum up to his face, crawling all over it before slipping its whole body into his mouth. 

Shane is captured with the tentacles of the octopus poking out his mouth as its whole body remains hidden inside

The diver then slowly opens his mouth slightly as the octopus begins to slide its way out to return to the sea 

The video shows Shane filming himself as he slowly reveals the octopus which has been hiding.

Once the animal is back free swimming in the sea Shane smiles into the camera.  

After spending a few seconds with just the tip of its tentacles visible, the octopus crawled out before jumping on to Shane’s diving partner’s legs.

Shane said: ‘At first he was climbing on my face then went in my mouth.

‘Maybe he was nervous about something else nearby. As soon as he went in, I started recording.

‘I was worried he could suction too strong and might hurt the sensitive skin inside my mouth but he was gentle.

‘It was only in my mouth for a few seconds. I guess he realised it might not be safe if I was a predator.’

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