Disgusting concoction of macaroni and blue Gatorade makes stir online

Man’s recipe for blue pasta made using Gatorade instead of water leaves viewers outraged – and he tops it off with a huge pickle

  • Disturbing video of macaroni with blue Gatorade and flour has gone viral online
  • Magician Tommy Wind substitutes water for blue Gatorade in bizarre recipe 
  • Video has caused uproar online with many calling the meal ‘absolutely nasty’ 

A disgusting video of a man cooking pasta with blue Gatorade has caused an uproar online, with viewers calling the viral video ‘absolutely nasty’.

Tommy Wind, a magician from Staten Island in New York, shared a video of his bizarre twist on a traditional Italian dish that involves two bottles of a blue sports drink.

In the clip, he is seen boiling a whole bottle of Gatorade in a pot, then pouring in a packet of macaroni pasta.

You will never eat pasta the same way AGAIN

Tommy Wind has caused an uproar online with his bizarre recipe of cooking pasta with blue Gatorade 

Blue Gatorade (pictured) is the star ingredient, which is used to cook the pasta and make the blue pasta sauce 

The pasta turns from yellow to a light blue, as the New York magician pours the blue-tinged macaroni onto a plate.

He begins to make a start on the sauce – another blue concoction.

Mr Wind empties an entire second bottle of Gatorade into a pan and boils the blue sports drink once more, but this time he adds something different.

The pasta recipe starts off like any other, but takes an unexpected turn when Mr White boils the pasta in blue Gatorade (pictured left, right)

Flour is the magic ingredient, which is stirred into the sports drink until it transforms into the same consistency as a traditional tomato pasta sauce.

A thin slice of pickle replaces cheese as the topping for the blue pasta dish.

The disturbing video was quick to attract outrage online, with viewers equally disgusted yet impressed with the bizarre meal.

‘I didn’t think it could get any worse, but then you added the pickle?!,’ One said.

The secret ingredient for the blue pasta sauce is flour, which is mixed into the Gatorade (picture)

‘I wouldn’t even feed that to my dog,’ one added.

Other viewers saw the funny side, claiming the magician needed to be using red Gatorade all along.

‘I’m Italian and this disgusts me, the traditional recipe is with red Gatorade’, one recommended.

‘If you serve this crap in Italy you get arrested and get a life without parole sentence’, another joked.  

Tommy Wind (pictured) is a magician from Staten Island in New York who has gone viral with his blue Gatorade pasta recipe

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