El Chapo had doctor revive rival so he could keep torturing him, court docs claim

Convicted Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman once called a doctor to revive a man who’d been tortured into unconsciousness — just so he could torture him some more, according to newly released court papers.

The freshly unsealed documents claim Guzman ordered his flunkies to brutalize rival cartel member Israel Rincon, after Rincon allegedly tried to whack one of the kingpin’s sons.

Methods of torture “included shocking his ear and pulling out his teeth,” prosecutors write.

The grisly tale comes from an unnamed cooperator who told prosecutors he witnessed the brutality sometime in 2010 in a “large garden house,” and that Rincon was “tied up to a chair” while he was interrogated at Guzman’s behest.

“A doctor arrived shortly thereafter to revive Rincon, who had lost consciousness, so they could continue torturing him in a variety of ways,” read the papers, which add the gruesome spectacle was videotaped and uploaded to YouTube.

The cooperator said he later learned Rincon’s battered remains were found dumped in the streets of Culiacan.

Guzman was convicted earlier this year on a multitude of drug trafficking charges, and faces life behind bars when sentenced on July 17.

His lawyers have since filed a motion seeking new trial, citing alleged juror misconduct.

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