Ex-Human Ken Doll Jessica Alves fears she will die during surgery to remove 75% of her stomach after ballooning to 16st

EX-human Ken Doll Jessica Alves has said she fears she will die during surgery to remove 75 per cent of her stomach after she ballooned to 16st.

Alves, 37, is set to undergo a gastric sleeve medical operation after she gained the weight during lockdown and doctors labelled her obese.

She is due to undergo the operation at Turkey’s Mono Obesity Clinic but admitted she was scared about the procedure.

Alves told the MailOnline: “This is more complex and health related. They're cutting my stomach and I'll be left with just 25 per cent of my stomach. Hopefully after that I will start losing weight.”

She admitted that her weight gain, following her recent sex reassignment surgery had left her “suffering with her confidence”.

Previously she had admitted she had been unable to shift the extra weight.

Speaking from the Mono Clinic, she told the news outlet: "I did all the exams and my health is good they check everything – heart, breathing and blood tests – the doctor has performed like 3000 gastric sleeves.

“I have been diagnosed as obese as I weigh 16st [101kg] – I used to be 10-11st [65-70kg] – I am really huge but you can't see it in pictures.”

Alves said that the hormones she had been taking following her gender reassignment as well as being in lockdown had contributed to her increased weight.

She said: “For the past nearly two years I have been transitioning then there was lockdown and I was inside, not exercising, eating, eating, eating…

“The hormone therapy increased the appetite and slowed the metabolism and triggered me to lose weight. Obviously I'm scared about the surgery because it's not plastic or cosmetic surgery like others I have done.”


THE REALITY TV star has spent more than £75,000 changing her appearance since she first started living as a woman in November 2019. Here is the list of operations she’s had so far:

Facial feminisation – £25,000

Gender reassignment – £17,000

Butt and hip augmentation – £15,000

First breast augmentation surgery (725cc) – £10,000

Second breast augmentation surgery (1300cc) – £11,000

She added that she should see some “drastic results” after three months and hoped the weight loss would allow her to follow her dream of being a glamour model and “explore my femininity”.

Last month the reality TV star revealed to The Sun she had spent £75,000 on plastic surgeries in two years, including two boobs jobs, bum and hip implants and shaved her skull to look more feminine.

She also revealed that she was ready to get physical for the first time.

Jessica told The Sun: “It will be a different experience so I want it to be special. 

“If I don’t find the right person I will continue being a virgin, I won’t go to a bar to meet a guy and bring him home. 

“I’m not going to be with a man only because he’s good looking either, I have to feel safe and know he understands I’m a virgin so I have to be handled with care. 

“I am open about what he looks like, he doesn’t have to be the most good looking man in the world, not perfect or Prince Charming.

“I just want a man who is masculine and confident, who treats me well, loves my body, who wants to make love to me and touch me.

“I want someone who will hold my hand on the street, introduce me to his family and have a family with me at some point in the future.”

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